Kesh X American Apparel Review

Back in the day I was friends with Kesh on MySpace followed her blog  and followed her career from when she would design customised clothing for MC’s Jammer (rapper), Dizzee Rascal and members of Roll Deep. Her own creative look and styling skills lead to her being featured in  i-D Magazine and landed her a  fashion editor role  at SuperSuper Magazine.[

During the mid 200o she was a key fixture in the nu rave scene in London and throughout Europe as she DJ’ed with Zezi Ifore  and as part of The Coconut Twins.

I enjoyed reading Kesh’s blog not only for the fashion but She always came out with great looks for everyday wear and photo shoots and seemed to be having a great time where ever her and her friends went as they travelled through Europe, New York, LA, London and everywhere else.

I recently came across her Instagram page and  found out that American Apparel has recently teamed up with the well-known fashion, English born artist, fashion designer, DJ and blogger to create a limited edition collection called Kesh X American Apparel

Once known for using being very colorful and mixing vintage pieces with items she made herself (In her early blogging days)  Kesh X American Apparel reflects her are work which is art is very creative and distinctive.

She uses a lot of bold lines and shapes to create complex yet simple graphics using cubist-like geometry that conjoins to form facial features.

I particularly love the KESH X American Apparel Cotton Spandex Dress (Dunno if my body is body con ready) I would have loved for there to be a high waisted ¾ skirt with the eye motif but that’s just me.

Kesh X American Apparel is available online at American Apparel
and you can check out her artwork at Kesh Continues 
What are your thoughts about the Kesh X American Apparel collection?

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