Is Orange an option I am not considering?

 Help me out with this one guys

 Yesturday I was with my friend Celetia whos make up always looks fab and she was rocking a really jazzy orange lipstick

I remember being with her in MAC when she brought and a gain thinking it was Jazzy but not really for me.
 During London Fashion week I was gifted an Orange lipstick when I had a MAC make over in the press lounge and like all the other beautful bright lipsticks that I occationally purchase it was assigned a special place in my make up box to gather dust.

 I love the way brigh colors look on black skin and even thoush I start out with the best intentions I end up reaching for the natural hues.

 Today when I checked my emails I cam across this advertisment for MAC’s all about Orange collection… could this be a sign??

Orange lips what do we think?


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