IMATS Review & Pictures

You may have know from my tweets I was soo looking forward to going to the IMATS.

 I had read reviews, conversed with other bloggers, studied the map, given my self a spending budget (Which I did not exceed).

Well the Saturday came and went and I found myself up at Olympa bright and early with ready to take lots of pictures and buy lots of goodies.
  I knew that the event was geared towards professinal make-up artists but it was my understanding that there would be people that love make-up and want to see what is new in the world of cosmetics.
   All of the main players were there Mac NARS Bobbi Brown to name a few

Unfortunately the stands that I would have done the most damage at  MAC and NYX were absolutely crazy!

The line were doing something I couldn’t really understated and it was hard to tell who was buying, browsing or just standing there.

 I did manage purchase some goodies from Nars Bobbi Brown Crown Brush And Beauty So Clean.

 I was disappointed that there wasn’t a lot of selling going on there.

 Sounds like a random statement right?

 I under stand that the event is aimed at Make-up professionals but there were many “Laymen” there myself included who just wanted to see what was new and make some purchases. I understand from reading blogs and talking to people there that a lot of the attendees had made lists way before they attended the evnt and knew exactly what they wanted to purchase but I on the other hand wanted to be sold too!
 Tell me wots hot what new wots popin!!

 A lot of the staff could have been more helpful also … guess they are 
not on comission
 The stands were also quite small which meant I had to be a lil bit aggressive and push my way through the crowds otherwise I probably wouldn't have brought anything
  I did see some great make up effects, meet some great people, watch seminars and so in all it was a good day
I love these looks
 Check out my pics


someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed 

I always manage to find cupcakes 


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