Another Sunday Selling and 26 Boot Sale Tips

On a gloomey Sunday what treatend to rain (Infact it had been threatening to rain since Friday) I picked up my friend Maeve with a car full of clothes shoes, bages, makeup and jewellry and headed down to Pimilo school for another day of selling.

There we met up with Flora and Tanisha, unpacked the cars and I managed to bag a great pitch. 
We quickly set up and were ready as the bargin hunters came running in.

I always have fun at the bootsale as there Is always intresting people to talk to give or take the odd aggressive hagler (You wont intimadate me mate!)

It wasn’t the busist of Sundays, nto sure if it was down to the weather or that it was the weekend before payday. I didn’t do to badly but some of the other sellers didn’t look too impressed.

However when I looked around some of the stalls I wasn’t too impressed either. 
It did lead me to wonder if  sellers are coming to bootsales with realitic epectations…

Here are some tips for selling at a boot sale

1. Be relistic with your prices

2. If an item is unusual or hard to find than I understand asking a higher price but anything from Primark shouldn’t really be more than a pound sorry!

3. If you are really reluctant to lower the price of an item I recommend you consider an online auction site such as Ebay 

4. I like to see items sorted by price and presented nicely, price groups of 50p, £1, £2 and £5 are always good and items that are more expensive should be put on a rail 

5. I hate when people bring items that are damaged, faded, bobbly and  basicly in a condion that they wouldn’t wear it now a pair ripped of jeans or t’shirt could be very edgy and cool to some one else but lets not take the p’ ad try to wack a massive price tag on it 

6. Be prepared to haggle with a smile – that’s the point of a bootsale right I have had people suggest som outrageous prices to me during negotiations and it is easy to get a bit irratated expecally when the buyer is persistant or even rude. I find its best to keep cool, smile and be firm with them.

7. Don’t buy from other stalls, there have been times that I have spent all my profits on stuff from other stalls or even the time when I thought it would be a greta idea to swap items with other stall traders and came back home with just as much stuff as I left with in the 1st place. 
8. I have a bit more will power now and will generally allow my self one item if it is still there at the end of the day (It rarely is)

9. Signs are good make em big make em bright and make em eye catching!!

10. Bring a fun friend- I always have the funniest time at the boot sale with my friends because we are a little bit (Maybe a lot) crazy! We tell jokes, laugh loud, dance and talk to EVERYBODY!
11. I hate when sellers sit there with sour looks on their faces having a good time makes the day go faster and is probably the reason that we always make money 

12. Organize everything the night before so you're not rushing around early the next morning

13. Have an early night. Car boot sales will usually open very early. Luckily the one I go to opens about 9.30 so I’m not up at the crack of dawn but I have been to boot sale that start at 6am

14. Have a float with  mixture of coins and notes and keep it separate from the money in your purse or handbag 

15. Bring a small handbag with you and do not bring valuables in your bag. Use this bag mainly for your coins and notes - If it's possible put this bag under your jacket for extra security

16. Pack a lunch - If you're going alone then you will most likely not be able to leave your car/area during the day to get a snack so pack a sandwich and water to keep you going.

17. Bring little containers or boxes to separate items into different categories so it’s not just one big jumble this makes it easier for a buyer to see what items you have for sale.

18. If you're selling clothes, bring hangers, you might not always have an area to hang your clothes, you may just have to fold them, but having hangers again is a great way for buyers to see your clothes and it makes it more visible and appealing. 

19. Bring plastic bags – I also like to hang on to any nice paper or fabric bags that I get from events to give to buyer that spend a lot of money with me  

20. Zip lock bags or the paper bags are great if you are selling make up or jewellery or small items that do not need massive bags and can be purchased really cheaply in pound shops

21. If you're not taking a car and plan on using any available space in the area i.e. the ground, I suggest bring an old sheet or a rug to down first Yu can also get those ground sheets that go under tents quite cheaply in pounds shops in case the floor is a bit damp.

22. If you're selling an item that is unworn with the original price tag make sure that it is clearly visible to buyers.

23. Some people may not like to ask the price of something so make sure to be friendly and go over and start a conversation about the price and brand to make them even more interested in the item.

24. Make friends with other sellers in the line I once got talking to another seller who turned out to be a PA for a Duchess who was moving to a smaller property. Not only did I manage to get loads of designers clothing shoes and bags at a crazy low price to sell on, the duchess also remembered me two years later and gave me first refusal when she was having another clear out. 

25. Don’t be disappointed if you haven't sold as much as you had hoped there is always following weekend to sell again and different people with different tastes will always be there.

26. I like to tweet, instagram and Facebook pics of some of the items I will be selling and when I will next be at the boot sale. 


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