Kurt Geiger and Vogue Magazine Summer Style Secret Garden Party Event

Looking forward to an evening of drinks, croquet, strawberry’s and shoes I headed up to London to attend the Kurt Geiger and Vogue Magazine Summer Style Secret Garden Party Event.

Despite myself imposed spending ban I was determined to buy myself something sexy with a high heel to make up for the yucky weather that we have been having recently.

Upon arrival I was greeted by a massive line of high heeled wearing stylish ladies waiting to get in.

Upon entry to the shop Croquet was being played and ladies were having their nails painted by Nails Inc. technicians
After browsing for a while we when down stairs to get some drinks.

What I saw down stairs was hardly surprising to me as I know that women love SHOES! Duh!

It was absolutely packed with women trying on shoes, asking for shoes, looking at shoes, buying shoes….

Slowly my intentions to buy slowly melted away, as I couldn’t find anywhere to sit and as the staff were working double time to serve every one and I just couldn’t catch their attention.
My shoe crushes 

Determined to not leave the empty handed I decided to redeem my Elle Magazine gift card purchasing a pink clutch bag and then purchased the matching purse taking advantage of the 25% discount that was on offer.

I later tried my luck getting my nails painted but as all of the appointment slots were taken up before I got in the shop that didn’t happen.
Me with my purchases 

Noticing that it was getting a bit late I quickly slipped out to Muji to buy some more acrylic drawers for my bath room
(I had to bite the bullet and admit that I needed more make-up storage I don’t know how I manage to accumulate so much cosmetics but the problem is bigger than me)

Anyways After slipping back I had chat with some fellow fashionistas then it was home time.

Goodie bags included polishes from Nails inc and diamante bracelets


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