Kurt Geiger and Vogue Magazine Summer Style Secret Garden Party Event

Looking forward to an evening of drinks, croquet, strawberry’s and shoes I headed up to London to attend the Kurt Geiger and Vogue Magazine Summer Style Secret Garden Party Event.

Despite myself imposed spending ban I was determined to buy myself something sexy with a high heel to make up for the yucky weather that we have been having recently.

Upon arrival I was greeted by a massive line of high heeled wearing stylish ladies waiting to get in.

Upon entry to the shop Croquet was being played and ladies were having their nails painted by Nails Inc. technicians
After browsing for a while we when down stairs to get some drinks.

What I saw down stairs was hardly surprising to me as I know that women love SHOES! Duh!

It was absolutely packed with women trying on shoes, asking for shoes, looking at shoes, buying shoes….

Slowly my intentions to buy slowly melted away, as I couldn’t find anywhere to sit and as the staff were working double time to serve every one and I just couldn’t catch their attention.
My shoe crushes 

Determined to not leave the empty handed I decided to redeem my Elle Magazine gift card purchasing a pink clutch bag and then purchased the matching purse taking advantage of the 25% discount that was on offer.

I later tried my luck getting my nails painted but as all of the appointment slots were taken up before I got in the shop that didn’t happen.
Me with my purchases 

Noticing that it was getting a bit late I quickly slipped out to Muji to buy some more acrylic drawers for my bath room
(I had to bite the bullet and admit that I needed more make-up storage I don’t know how I manage to accumulate so much cosmetics but the problem is bigger than me)

Anyways After slipping back I had chat with some fellow fashionistas then it was home time.

Goodie bags included polishes from Nails inc and diamante bracelets


Afro Hair & Beauty Live 2013 Review


Colour And Culture Celebrating 40 Years of Cosmetics a La Carte

Last night I was invited to attend COLOUR AND CULTURE hosted by  Cosmetics á la Carte and Pop PR at the gallery in London
Despite my leaving straight from work to attend the event when I drove past the venue it was so packed that I nearly punked out and went home…
Thank god I didn’t.

I am now going to hold my head down and admit that I had not heard of Cosmetics á la Carte before I received the invite for the event and did my research so going in I didn’t really know what to expect.

But I wasn’t disappointed.

I like the way the displays were laid out and  how they decorated the venue however as there was so much people there I didn’t get to interact with some of the exhibits the way I would have liked to 

(Not sure if people were meant to touch stuff but I sure wanted to)

I have to mention the bite sizes cupcakes!!


My full review can be found at Fashions Finest


Grab a Shusac your heels deserve it!

Ladies we have all at some point in time have had to carry our heels in a bag and wear flats well the clever people at  ShuSac have come up with this amazing luxury shoe bag tailored to carry high-heels.

Perfect for work, the gym, evenings out and trips away; its unique design with two compartments keeps shoes apart to prevent scuffing.
I’m not going to lie I  was a bit nonchalant when I heard about Shusac’s but I spend a lot of money on my shoes and want to keep them in tip top condition as long as possible

The ShuSac’s  have the following key features:
two separate internal sections shaped to fit heels easily
the asymmetric handle brings a distinctive look
can be carried on shoulder, wrist or inside a larger bag to protect the heels or other belongings
made out of ripstop nylon on the outside for protecting and soft cotton lining for buffing the shoes

£29.99 from www.shusac.com


Happy 2nd Birthday Glossybox #Giantglossybox

When I received an email from Glossy box inviting me down to their 2nd birthday celebration hosted by , Kimberley Wyatt & Amber Atherton in Covent Garden
I didn’t feel twice about working through my lunch break in order to leave work early and jump on a train into London to attend.

There was a Glossybox massive countdown clock, counting down the minutes and seconds until a Giant glossy box burst open with loads of musical glittery excitement and
free birthday boxes were handed out to the public for 10 minutes!
Whoop whoop

I had amazing time and meet some really cool people down there (Of course I forgot my business cards!)


Wanna know what was in my birthday box?
****************************Spoiler alert********************************

Subscribers will receive their boxes from 10th May onwards so if you don't want to know what potentially could be in your box (not that they are all the same) you might want to skip this post


Premae - Harmony Balm
£26.50 / 30ml
I like the sound of this product and hope it does what they say it does.
Apparently this is a 15hr moisturising balm that can be used as a makeup primer as it reduces excess oils in the skin and soothes breakouts.
It has a nice texture to it and smell nice. I have tried it out to day and it seems ok.
My skin is super oily so if it lasts until lunch time I would be impressed

Beautiful Movements Cosmetics - Prime & Create Mixing Medium
£20 20g

Mixing medium, until I received this box I have never even heard of a mixing medium, I can't wait to try it out but hope it I don’t end up making too much mess

Headline Colors- Nail Varnish
£9 10ml

This is my first Headline Colors nail polish and the colour is fine but………
Even though I am very well documented saying that I love pink (I have pink nail polish on now for Pete's sake!)
It's nice when I receive unusual colours because I always end up loving them

Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes- Mascara

Between goodie bags and subscription boxes I have managed to collect a number of mascaras and can't remember the last time I actually purchased one. This one seems nice and has a decent brush.
I have tried other products by Jelly Pong Pong and they seem to be decent quality

Glossybox- Emery Board

I suppose it's always handy to have emery boards handy

Roger & Gallet -Fleur De Figuier

It is my understanding that this is a new product as I wasn’t able to find much information about it.
Glossybox had a Roger & Gallet flashbox in January and it seemed to be well received. Within this sample there was a shower gel, a perfume and a body lotion. I did not open the body lotion and shower gel sachets but the perfume smells quite nice.

I was excited to go to the Glossybox event as I am a super-duper fan and look forward to it coming every week, the box was great but I hope that when my subscribed box comes next week different items and don’t end up with doubles

Happy Birthday Glossybox!!!

No1 Lounge Gatwick South Review

No1 Lounge Gatwick South Review

I have said it before love to travel hate to fly and

After waking up at the crack of dawn

sitting in rush hour traffic

lugging around heavy suitcases (That is probably my own fault)
Lining up for what seems like hours,
Take off and put back on your shoes a bunch of times
Answering a bunch of stupid questions from security,
Emptying out your hand bag for security to rifle through your stuff,


Hold your belly in while going to the x-ray machine (If I end up on passport patrol I want my stomach to look flat thanks)
and the walking … oh, the walking!
Unfortunately,  as I am neither rich, royalty or a celebrity so  I can’t avoid any of the above airport hassles
but I have to say that it after going through all that and before being cramped in a tiny seat for hours it's nice to be able to go somewhere nice and quiet
Have a bite to eat and perhaps a spot of tea while enjoying complimentary Wi-Fi and occasionally enjoying the panoramic runway views.
I make myself laugh

Pompous rambling aside the No.1 Gatwick is absolutely lovely
Providing an ideal haven from the airport hustle and bustle with nice comfy sofas and large windows that give lots of light and give the room a nice airy feel
A variety of magazines newspapers and  games are available to keep guests occupied until they wait to board their flights
 which for me was not necessary as they have free Wi-Fi!
They also offer complimentary hot and cold food such as pastry’s, fruits, porridges alongside a bistro-style menu as well as complimentary soft drinks and beers the fully-tended bar
(Champagne and cocktails cost extra)
and like I said earlier complimentary Wi-Fi!
No 1 Traveller also has lounges in the UK at Heathrow, Gatwick North, Gatwick South, Stansted and Birmingham from £27.50 per adult at reception, for up to three hours access (children £12.50 each), £22.50 if booked in advance (children £10).

For great deals on airport lounges, parking and hotels be sure to check out 
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