Lovelinks and Story by Kranz & Ziegler Press event

I have been aware of the whole leather wrap bracelets and charm bracelet fad and while I thought they looked cute I couldn’t justify spending so much money on the charms

When I arrived at the Lovelinks and Story by Kranz & Ziegler Press event which was held at  KETTNERS  my mind was instantly changed!
I didn’t care about the cost I wanted them all!

love the way that both collections are completely interchangeable, necklaces can be worn as bracelets, rings can be worn on their own or with many on the same finger and leather beads and charms can be mixed together for an edgy look that breaks all the rules.

As well as a preview of the collection and a question and answer session with the designers we were also treated to a trends presentation  which was presented stylist, Michael Temprano and a quick demo about how to adapt the collection to create different looks.

Attendees were allowed to choose an item from the Lovelinks and Story by Kranz & Ziegler collection. I choose a Story Ladies' Sterling Silver Wrap Snake Skin Bracelet and a Neon  Pink bracelet from Lovelinks Spring 2013 Metropolitan collection.
Now to buy me some charms


Archie's Girls: Betty and Veronica vie for attention in MAC make-up

I LOVE IT when Mac do comic book and cartoon inspired collections!
My fave was the Barbie and Wonder Woman collections 
(Still waiting for a Jem and the Holograms collection though)

MACs recent nostalgic offering is courtesy of Archie Comics called MAC Archie’s Girls.

Archie's Girls: Betty and Veronica vie for attention in MAC make-up

The collection focuses on the characters Betty and Veronica, who are involved in a much talked about “love triangle” with Archie.

Betty and Veronica have separate collections, inspired by their looks and personalities packaged in the exclusive Archie’s Girls designs.

a sophisticated and sultry pallet was chosen to reflect the spoiled, vain, and fashion-conscious Veronica Lodge, consisting of in violet, red and blackened plum, complemented by nail lacquers in dark berry and navy crème to complement her dark hair and pale features

While a very soft girlie pallet is attributed to the wholesome, blonde-next-door, cheerleader Betty Cooper with peach, pink and coral, lipstick shades and matching nails in Comic Cute and Pep Pep Pep.

The collection boasts a comic book design on a white glossy background with featuring the faces of Archie, Betty and Veronica surrounded by hearts.
Products include a brush kit, mirror, tote, coin purse and make-up bag.

Personally I find the collection to be very fun and wearable however the while I love the packaging it could be seen as a little bit childish and maybe put people off buying it.

Of the two my I like the Veronica collection the best because I can get away with more of the shades  than the Betty collection (and Veronica was my preferred character in the comic) however I prefer the nail varnishes in the betty collection.

What are you thoughts about this collection?
 If you could suggest a comic book or cartoon would you suggest to MAC to inspire a collection?
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