Paolita SS13 Collection Catwalk show Review

Me getting my nails done courtesy of Tights and tealights
It was 7.38pm on the 2nd night ofLondon Fashion week. I had already attended 5 shows, has a pedicure, manicureand  make over in the Fashion MonitorStyle lounge, lost my travel card, wolfed down a large Mc Donald’s Sweet ChiliWrap meal (Probably shouldn’t admit that) ran round like a lunatic and wasstarting to fill a lil bit tired.

Last Stop Bakuon Sloane Street, to check out Paolita’s  2013 summer collection.

I had perked up by the time I arrived at Bakuuntil I went inside, it wasn’t the glamorous Baku that altered my mood (well itwas a little bit) all of the attendees looked Super glam! and I I had been running around all damn day L

Feeling self conscious

Luckily I spotted Joseph the Managing Directorof Paolita and thanked him for inviting me to the show, and after receivingsuch a warm reception from him I instantly felt more comfortable and went tofind the ladies toilet to tidy myself up.

In the ladies loo's upon further inspection Ifelt happy that I looked more presentable then I initially thought.
Feeling good after a make-up touch up

My Make up courtesy of Caroline Sims and Bourjoisin Fashion Monitor Style lounge was still intact even though I was a bit shinyfrom my crazy journey. I tidied myself up and went to find my seat.

When I entered the main room I was handed acup of  Ariela gellato (Yum) and lead tomy front row seat (Sitting front row makes me happy) across from me sat wherewhat I though some very good looking chaps (Eye candy make me happy also).

The collection was amazing!! I love that thedesigner Anna Paola isn’t afraid to experiment with colour and texture and the jewelleryby  Pink Powder and the ipanema shoes complemented thecollection perfectly! Reminded me that I need to book a beach holiday soon and Iwould look fab in this little number (Best get saving).

After the show there was a drink receptionhowever I was absolutely knackered so I found Anna to tell her that I loved thecollection and made my way home.

I think the SS13 collection will be availablefrom March but check out their website for some of their other exquisite pieces



Unknown said...
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FashionEdible said...

Looks like a fun show, though! Glad you made it ok in spite of your chaotic day.

Mary Lee said...

lovely pictures looks like you had a great time

hope you'll visit back

Unknown said...
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