25 Random facts about me

Thought I would share 25 utterly random facts about me with you guys

1.       I hate to walk

2.       I used to be really skinny when I was younger and hated it

3.       After watching Pretty Woman I told my poor mum that I wanted to be a Hooker (Obviously I didn’t completely understand what the postion required)

4.       I have a degree in Fashion with business specialising with graphics

5.       I love getting new clothes but hate to shop!

1.       because I don’t like to walk
2.       I used to work in retail and would give damn good customer service so if I feel I’m not being acknowledged  by the sales staff I would rather not spend

my money in that shop.

However none of the above seems to bother me if I’m at a boot sale or thrift shop

6.       I hate having my hair combed or braided by anyone but I don’t mind it being washed

7.       I had my first massage when I was 28 and hated it so much that I didn’t have my second massage until I was 30 and loved it!

8.       My nephews call me Auntie Lee (coz I made them)
9.       I describe myself as a brand best friend and worst nightmare. If you give me good service I will tell all my friends and tweet about it but if you give me bad service I will also tell all my friends and tweet about it.

10.   I am not a fan of festivals

11.   Little kids in flip flops make me laugh … I don’t know why they just do

12.   I was suspended in Primary school for pulling a fire alarm which shocked everyone because I never go in trouble (Still not sure why I did it)

13.   Nobody believes me when I tell them that I am a size 12/14 UK

14.   My fave sweets are Parma Violets

15.   The thought of eating an onion makes me cringe

16.   When I was younger I had budgies, Hamsters, guinea pig and rabbits but now I can’t stand to be near them

17.   When I was younger everybody told me I would make a great model…. They were all wrong! I was rubbish at it

18.   I don’t feel dressed up unless I am wearing heels

19.   I don’t understand why people go mad over chocolate, I like it but not as much as everybody else

20.   My heritage includes Jamaican, Scottish, Chinese, and Cuban

21.   In my Uni days I used to tell guys my name was Winter

22.   The first time I flew alone the turbulence was so bad that I tried to use on of the phone to call my mum and when that didn’t work I cried. Luckily the lady was nice to me and gave me her pretzels

23.   I have a weakness for guys from New York

24.   I just started using Instagram and love it more than a person probably should

25.   After watching Dawn of the Dead  I officially decided not to watch horror movies anymore because they scared me


Medge Beauvoir-Yellowlees said...

I love this post! so cute!



Little Miss Latina said...

haha! This post was hilarious! I don't like chocolate. Unless I'm in the mood and that is very rare. But I can always eat the bottom chocolate portion of ice cream cake. haha :)

- Lil Miss Latina

holiday lodges said...
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