Paolita SS13 Collection Catwalk show Review


Glam Gothic AW13 collection by Danilo Gabrielli review

During my visit to the Style lounge hosted by Fashion Monitor in the luxurious Mayfair Hotel I was introduced to the designer Danilo Gabrielli and given a sneak peek at his AW13 collection.
I love that the fact that he and his team were very warm and inviting and Danilo himself selected a gorgeous cape for me to try on which was a bad idea because I have convinced myself that I need it in my life!!

Titled “Glam Gothic” Danilo Gabrielli’s AW13 collection was inspired by the medieval period which is evident in the shapes and a lot of the details used.

Luxury fabrics such as  Italian wool, silk georgette, silk charmeuse, smooth and textured leathers are manipulated using  distressing, pleating and embroidery techniques  married with clean tailoring and beautiful trimmings to allow the collection to live up to the Glam Gothic name.

 Mysterious dark and dramatic but at the same time classy, feminine and sophisticated.



Zoe Jordan London Fashion Week A/W13 Catwalk Show

Despite a very boring train ride horrific traffic and what I thought was the longest queue ever!!

I made it to my first show of the day on time.

Zoe Jordan
Presenting what I think is a very wearable and grown up collection consisting of shift dresses, pencil skirts tailored trousers with leather accents and subtle pops of colour.

Last season I was unable to get into Zoe Jordan’s show as the show I was at before ran late and by the time I got there many people were turned away so I wasn’t surprised to see the venue absolutely packed and at the same time happy that on this occasion I wasn’t one of the people outside being turned away and I was given a goodie bag woop woop!
Normally I like to get to Somerset house super early on the first day of fashion week so that I can register for my press pass before the crowds get crazy but as I missed my first train (Story of my life) I had to go straight in to the Zoe Jordan show then go and collect my pass OMG the lines in the registration hall were crazy! Luckily I got out a live but very irritated.

Pass in hand I headed to the press lounge to see my friends at MAC and book my appointment for a makeover then at least I can be looking hot for the rest of the day


Stylfile Nailcare S-file Review

I recently was luckily enough to be gifted a S shaped S-File by Stylfile in a goody bag at the Hand Picked Media lounge during London fashion week.
I hadn't heard about the product before but it looked kind of cool, and since I made the New Year's resolution to try and save more money I have been stuck doing my own nails so anything that made the task easier was A ok with me.
The S shape allows the file to follow the natural shape of the nail and the curvy S-shape also makes it easy to hold and maneuver the file.

As per the packaging the S-File should last up to 12 months because of the special abrasive which is quite fine but very effective.
I'm quite impressed with the S-File and I am strongly considering investing in the S-Buffer
Has anyone else tried this product?
What are your thoughts?

London Fashion week A/W13

London Fashion week to me is now a blur.. a whirlwind of running to venues, queuing up, networking, beauty treatments, goodie bags, press lounges and of course .......
I’m far to tired to explain everything I did but you can piece it together from my pictures.

Show reviews to come
Who else went down to London Fashion Week?
What shows did you go to and what collections did you like the best?

25 Random facts about me

Thought I would share 25 utterly random facts about me with you guys

1.       I hate to walk

2.       I used to be really skinny when I was younger and hated it

3.       After watching Pretty Woman I told my poor mum that I wanted to be a Hooker (Obviously I didn’t completely understand what the postion required)

4.       I have a degree in Fashion with business specialising with graphics

5.       I love getting new clothes but hate to shop!

1.       because I don’t like to walk
2.       I used to work in retail and would give damn good customer service so if I feel I’m not being acknowledged  by the sales staff I would rather not spend

my money in that shop.

However none of the above seems to bother me if I’m at a boot sale or thrift shop

6.       I hate having my hair combed or braided by anyone but I don’t mind it being washed

7.       I had my first massage when I was 28 and hated it so much that I didn’t have my second massage until I was 30 and loved it!

8.       My nephews call me Auntie Lee (coz I made them)
9.       I describe myself as a brand best friend and worst nightmare. If you give me good service I will tell all my friends and tweet about it but if you give me bad service I will also tell all my friends and tweet about it.

10.   I am not a fan of festivals

11.   Little kids in flip flops make me laugh … I don’t know why they just do

12.   I was suspended in Primary school for pulling a fire alarm which shocked everyone because I never go in trouble (Still not sure why I did it)

13.   Nobody believes me when I tell them that I am a size 12/14 UK

14.   My fave sweets are Parma Violets

15.   The thought of eating an onion makes me cringe

16.   When I was younger I had budgies, Hamsters, guinea pig and rabbits but now I can’t stand to be near them

17.   When I was younger everybody told me I would make a great model…. They were all wrong! I was rubbish at it

18.   I don’t feel dressed up unless I am wearing heels

19.   I don’t understand why people go mad over chocolate, I like it but not as much as everybody else

20.   My heritage includes Jamaican, Scottish, Chinese, and Cuban

21.   In my Uni days I used to tell guys my name was Winter

22.   The first time I flew alone the turbulence was so bad that I tried to use on of the phone to call my mum and when that didn’t work I cried. Luckily the lady was nice to me and gave me her pretzels

23.   I have a weakness for guys from New York

24.   I just started using Instagram and love it more than a person probably should

25.   After watching Dawn of the Dead  I officially decided not to watch horror movies anymore because they scared me
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