Love to travel HATE to fly

It doesn't matter how carefully you try to plan so,thing something can always go wrong :(
After arriving gatwick south at our planned time, handing myself keys to the parking valet and saying by to my car we mad our way to the  Thomas Cook checking desk so far so good.

No Que this is perfect handed our info to the to check in lady and weighed our luggage then I was told........
Your luggage is four kilos over!
Your hand Luggage is five kilos over! And you cannot bring your camera case as that counts as a item of hand luggage!


The next few 30 minutes were spent redistributing items between my hand luggage my suitcase and Sally's suitcase and deciding what I can throw away
Eventually I came up with the idea of putting my handbag into my mini pull along suite case, putting most of my toiletries into Sally's hand bag and carrying my travel blanket I'm ,y hand.

Nothing I could do about then Four extra KG's on my check in luggage. 
Me "how much will it cost for the extra weight"
Checkin lady " £18 per KG!

After some quick mathematics I realised my packing blunder would cost me £80!

I was livid but fudge it jus wanna get on the plane

Grabbed my purse but the checkin lady discreetly shook her head a told us to go to the security........
Did what I think just happened happen??


Oh yeah and our flight was delayed by 1 hour and 15 mins! 


Off to security which was surprisingly painless,  Passport control is now automated so you jus scan your passport go through, 
After our bags were scanned we hit up the terminal.

Unfortunately as I had move all my stuff around I couldn't remember what bags my cameras were I. So couldn't rake pictures of how they makes over the terminal but it looks lovely.

I tried to avoid all off the high end duty free cosmetic and perfume stores but there it was........


What started as just having a look ended up in my making s purchase, I'm happy to say I didn't go while just picked ups toner and pressed powder to control ly greasy skin and off we went.

I was very happy and excited to be invited in to the No 1 lounge and after the stress of nearly throwing away my clothes the calming atmosphere was defiantly in order.

Quite a bit smaller than the Gatwick North lounge but just as tastefully decorated the Gatwick South Lounge has a fully stocked bar and offered a selection of hot food and a continental breakfast, fruits and a selection of teas and juices.

Unfortunately due to out flight being delayed we had a bit more time the. We originally accepted so we quickly selected out food and sat down to eat.
(With my distrust of airplane food I made sure to get a lot)
While keeping an eye on the departures board.

I also me up with Sue who I met last year and was on our flight and had a nice little chat.

When our boarding gat was finally announced we made out way to the gate (after a quick detour to WH Smith to pick up some magazines' water and snacks)

Before we knew it we were on the plane and in the air 
Bye Bye UK

Apologies for the lack of pics peeps



Ana said...

I love to travel, too and I also hate to fly not because I'm afraid of flying, but because it's such a pain to deal with airport security! I hope your return trip is much better! Happy Holidays!

Alex - Worldwide Travel Tips said...

Travelling is the thing i love most, flying, on the other hand, is not the thing I like most since I hate turbulence so much. The only thing that keeps me going is the thought of the beautiful things that I will see once we land.

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