Random ASOS Premier Rant

I had a call from a friend who wanted me to place an order on my ASOS account as she need the item quickly and she didn't want to have to pay extra for next day delivery.
As I subscribe to ASOS premier I get next day delivery for free.

I was beginning to tell my friend that that wouldn't be a problem as long as she transferred the money into my account first then I asked....you know it only cost £9.95 to sign up to ASOS Premier?

To which she said that she didn't need to subscribe to the service as she didn't use it that much!

When I heard that I thought what ever for £9.95 after you have used it a couple times it's paid for it's self

What ever girl don't subscribe but try know my unlimited next day delivery is for my own convenience.

Thanks for reading my rant

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