NYX Cosmetic’s Waiting for Tonight Palette review

Firstly must say that I have never really been a fan of make-up palettes

Sorry that’s just my opinion

When I was younger I had a few of the cheap ones but there was always loads of colours that I didn’t like or wouldn’t suit me so it seemed a waste of time buying them.


I was introduced to the Waiting for Tonight Palette the same time I was introduced to the Curve which is also by NYX 

but I have been holding out on this product review as I wanted to wait until I was going on my holiday to try it out.

I just realised that that plan could have gone very badly as other than Mascara, eyeliner concealer and foundatin I didnt pack any other Make up but anyways.

At first I wasn’t that interested but when I looked properly at the colour pallet I was pleasantly surprised to see that most if not all of the colours are actually wearable!

The Waiting for Tonight Palette comes complete with the following:

32 pigmented eye shadows

2 complimenting blushes

1 bronzer

4 eyebrow powders

3 concealers

4 lip glosses

For the price I have to say the quality of this product us great!
The eyeshadows, bronzers and blushes are highly pigmented so you dont need a lot of it.
I didnt really use the concealers  but they are of a decent quality
The lipglosses were fine also

I was right in my inital thoughts that Waiting forTonight Palette would be great for travelling as you only have so much space and you can great many great looks with the colours available on the palette.

It comes with mini brushes which will get the job done but I used my own brushes as I found them to be a bit fiddily.

Other than that

Absolutely LOVE IT!
The Waiting for Tonight Palette is £30 and avaliable on the NYX website

Lee-Anne x 

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