Photography and Old Skool Hip Hop

Very interesting and varied weekend which started off at the Photofair in Spitalfields market, and exhibition at Bishops gate library and an walk through brick lane  with my Photography class

And ended up at Supadupafly @ Plan B

I started taking my photography course about three weeks ago and I am really enjoying it.

The Photofair was a really good opportunity to speak to some of the artists about their work and the inspiration behind it because it was cool,

we then went into the Logography Gallery Store which is located on the corner of Spitalfields Market to see an exhibition about a graffiti artist who seemed to be inspired by some cutesy little characters. I was very intrigued by the colours used and fact that the photos which feature the graffiti artist working didn’t show his face.

From there it was off to Rich mix to check out an exhibition called Confessions

and PHOTO VOICES - Sharing lives

 I found both of these exhibitions interesting and though provoking but at this point I don’t feel confident enough to comment on them in a way that dose them justice.

During the walk between the venues I noticed a lot of the street art that I probably would have walked past on a normal day and decided to take some snaps.

Once I got home I went out with a friend to  get  a bite to eat than had to rush to get to Supadupafly @ Plan B.

I was excited to go to Supadupafly as there aren’t many night clubs that play old skool hip hop and I had just found out about this night.

Even though I decided to go at quite short notice I had an idea about the look that I wanted to go for...

Kind of a TLC
meets SWV
meets Fresh Prince of Bel Air

meets what other 90’s references that were going through my head

I had seen this Batman dress
on Cheryl Cole  and one of the girls from Little Mix
and thought it was fun but unfortunately it was sold out, off I went to good old eBay and snapped up a look alike at a fraction of the price


Now in my head if you’re going to a 90’s party you have wear Dr Martins right?

Well I didn’t have Dr Martins but I had my heeled boots that I got earlier this year and forgotten about.

Chunky socks a defiant must!

Bit of a risky outfit but I think I pulled it off



DressCode:HighFashion said...

Picture 2 and the Batman dress are my favourites!

Best, Jen

The Lacquer Factor said...

The Batman dress is sooo cool!

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