Laura Mercier Secret Finish Primer VS NYX Shine Killer Review

After years of moaning about the inconvenience of having oily skin it was during a particularly hectic shopping trip at Selfridges when I was introduced to
Laura Mercier Secret Finish Primer

Don’t know how this wonderful product had been kept a secret from me for so long but I’m happy that I know about it now.
Laura Mercier Secret Finish is a sheepish gloss/gel (Little bit like petroleum Jelly) and can used either after you put on your moisturiser (Before applying makeup) or over your make up to absorb and oils throughout the day.
As I am a person who depending how busy I am can go through the whole day without looking in a mirror let alone touching up my makeup so was a big relief knowing that I wasn’t looking shiny and greasy.
So there I was all happy that I had found this miracle product which at £23 pounds is far from cheap but I could live with that as it did what It said on the tin.
During a chat with a PR rep in the press section at Olympia Beauty I was introduced to the
Shine Killer by NYXCosmetics

Shine Killer is a soft clear gel similar to the Laura Mercier Secret Finish except it that the Laura Mercier Secret Finish has more of a matt finish straight out the tube, but the Shine killer dries down to a matte finish after it has been applied to the skin.
Personally I am happy with both products as they basically do the same thing but NYX’s price tag of £12.00 is much more alluring to me



Tany Fashionista said...

I actually love that primer and Laura Mercier products are very good, especially the secret camouflage!

Well I have nominated you with the Liebster Award. check my site for details:)

Adele said...

i need a new primer & the Laura Mercier sounds perfect!
Would love you to check out my latest post :)
Happy Monday Hun xoxo

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