Olympia Beauty and London Fashion Weekend

Sunday I was up at the crack of dawn… Ok about 6.00am then I went back to sleep lol
After staring at my wardrobe for what seemed like an eternity I finally decided on an outfit and was ready to leave the house to peek up my friends at 8.20 only 40 minutes later than I had told everyone that I would be leaving.
The plan was to get to Olympia beauty as soon as the doors opened, but unfortunately Mc Donald’s breakfasts, rain, traffic and parking prevented that from happening.
When we finally got there it was crazy busy with lights, music, and PEOPLE loads of them everywhere.
We decided the best thing to do was make our way to the press area and then decide what we wanted to do from there.
Upon entry to the press entry, we were given some lovely pink goodie bags and lead to the seating area where we helped ourselves to tea and biscuits and planned our day.
Filthy gorgeous was also in the press area giving complementary treatments so I went for a nail polish change in a lovely bluey grey colour which I cannot remember. Filthy Gorgeous is looking like a brand that I will have to keep my eye on as they had some of the most amazing nails colours, as well as lip-glosses, eye shadows and much more I’m sure.
While I waited for my nails to dry I had another cup of tea and they had a look around the stands.
I had wanted to go to OPI but there was so much activity happening around their stand I couldn’t work out where to pay, what colours were where so I gave it a miss.
I also had a chat with the Press manager from a brand called NYX Cosmetics which is another brand that I would like to keep an eye on.
I don’t know what this machine is called but that is FUNNY!!
Despite us having a good time we had to leave half way through as we also had tickets to London Fashion Weekend!!
Why did it start to rain as we were leaving L
Eventually, we all managed to get back to the care and wit the heating turned up at full blast we made our way to Somerset House for London Fashion Weekend.
As I had gone a bit crazy this month I told myself that if I saw something I really really liked likes I could have it but.........
the plan is not to spend any money.
Then I saw this T-shirt from Henry Holland
And this cotton scarf from Twenty8twelve
I must say that I liked the idea of hitting up two events on one day as is saved me from going into London twice, when I retired home I was TIRED!!
I didn’t get a chance to go through my goodie bags properly.
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