London Fashion Week Day One


Gloomy day for fashion, with threats of rain but who cares its London Fashion Week!

Despite all my prep last night I manage to forget to charge my camera DOH!! oh wells I will take as much pics as I can while I can.

I also brought the wrong kind of memory card to use on the press laptops :(

Well there is something I can do about that. As soon as I get a free period I intend to pop to the shops to buy a new one.

I will try to do as much updates as I can throughout the week but until I cop an SD card hey will be a bit boring and without pictures.

Got through registration without a hitch however I noticed a few differences this year such as there are no longer computers for press to use in the registration area (The few in the press lounge have issues)

My 1st show of the day was Antoni and Alison and was titled New Work.

I love the cute little titles they use.

Last season it was Models walking up and down in dresses.
Cheese from the MAC press lounge
Reviews and pictures to come.

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