London Fashion Week SS13 Day Three

Sunday sigh

After a nice lie in and a leisurely breakfast it was back to London for another day of fashion.

After missing my train (Don’t I always) I was finally on route to Somerset house. While going over my schedule I was happy to see that I only had one show to go to Ekaterina Kukhareva SS13 catwalk show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout . I also had arranged to go to the Fashion Monitor Style Lounge and then spend the rest of the day checking out the exhibitions  and taking pictures.

I really enjoyed the Ekaterina Kukhareva catwalk show, with what  interpreted as a kind of 60’s Valley Of The Dolls theme with big prints and bright colours. In a whole the collection was very girly and fun.

After the show I decided to grab a glass of champagne at the International Reception and check out the work of some of the designers.

After that I went down to the Rimmel Bloggers Suite to get my nails done and have a chat with the girls.

FYI they had the best smoked salmon sandwiched.

I am happy to announced that I managed to get one of their awesome goodie bags to give away on my blog!!

I am not going into the contents yet but all you have to do is check out the tweets o get an idea of how good they are!

What I will say is make sure you like my FB page and follow me on twitter because that is where I will be announcing the prize draw.


After chatting the ear of the makeup artists in the Rimmel lounge I then went to the Fashion Monitor Style Lounge.

The Fashion Monitor was really lovely, on offer were Manicures, Pedicures, eyelash extensions, massages, make over’s and hair styling

While there I was introduced to an amazing bag company and a Jewellery company who I will blog about in  separate posts once I do some more research.

I was also reintroduced to Upper Street which is an amazing shoe company which allows its customers to design their shoes from scratch.

I checked out there website a few years ago with the intention but can’t remember why I dint make a purchase. However many more styles and choices have been added to the site since then and they are currently in the process of launching a iPad app which will hopefully launch in October.

Unfortunately my friend that I was with lost her phone so we ran up to report it stolen and arrange for a new one which ended up being a bit of a process but reminded me to enquire about the Iphone 5 with my mobile phone service provider.

After that we decided to call it a day and do home.

Oh MY!! Nearly forgot to mention what was in my Fashion Monitor Goodie bag...........................................


If you follow my blog you will know that I already subscribe to and love Glossybox, This box was a London Fashion Week themed box and the design is different.

London Fashion Week SS13 Glossybox review to come soon promise.

Lee-Anne x 
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