Russell and Bromley Blush pink Loafers

I love when I go on store visits because it’s a great way to see the R&B product in the flesh and also see how the customers interact with them.
This was my 1st time going to the Chelsea shop but the Manager and Sales staff made me feel very welcome.
 Until not I have been quite good about not making any purchases while on shop visits but……
I saw these amazing loafers on sale and I had to do it.
In my defence they were reduced to £79 FROM £155 and I have wanted them since I saw them in the stock conference in January!
I have same style in black and they are super comfy!


EMN said...
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Oh my, I've been eying this type of loafers since I saw them on the magz, it's one of the fall must have.
Great pick!


Wots Her Name Again? said...

Thanks hun I love em to. With winter coming up a litle bit of colour is great to cheer up on those dark mornings

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