Tagoe's Closet rewriting the shopping experience

Of late I have shunned the high street and shopping centres in favour of shopping online.
I know online shopping doesn’t appeal to every one but for me it gets the job done.
  I hate the whole waking up on a Saturday morning, and having to wrestle with other buyers,
beg sales annoyed assistants for help getting the right sizes and im then expected to part with my hard earned cash after receiving substandard customer service.

Oh no honey!!
Give me online any day, I can be in my bed with my laptop or secretly at my computer at work and wham bam I have what I want.

Next day delivery please.
This doesn’t count for my love of thrifting going to markets and boot sales however because I love seeking out hidden gems and there is always lots of interesting people to talk to.
When I received an invitation for Tagoe's closets

Blog anniversary and shopping event launch
 I thought that would be an interesting way to spend a Saturday afternoon and perhaps pick up some bits and pieces for work.
Held at Nineteen in Streatham I was greeted upon entry by the hostess Ms Sherry Tagoe with a glass of wine and offered a variety of nibbles from the lovely spread of goodies.

Then it was time to get down to serious business…… Shopping

I generally take a no prisoners attitude when shopping, Don’t look at me don’t talk to me I don’t play!

And snatching garments I want out of other shoppers mind and screaming “you snooze you lose bitches!!”  has often crossed my mind but I promise I have never done it .

In this instance I found the experience very calming and enjoyable (The wine may have helped) giving and receiving advice to other shoppers about which garments to select.

Once the shopping was over and people started to get tired we all sat down had drinks and had general chit chat for a while before saying out god byes and leaving with our goodies.

For infomation about Tagoes Closet and any upcoming events please check out the Tagoe's Closet Facebook page.
Or at the  the Weighting In Vain blog

Event images provided by Tagoes closet


Corner Curl Girl said...

Me too, dear!! :) I prefer online shopping and I get a lot of my vintage things online. I actually have something on the way now! Lol!! I look forward to your posts about those next day deliveries... ;)


Street Fashion Paris said...

I still prefere traditional shopping than online:)

Wots Her Name Again? said...

I think you can never beat the thrill of bagging a bargain there and then or Having the opportunity to touch and try on the item you are about to buy but right now for me convenience is key

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