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I signed up to the Swishing website a while back in the hope of attending one of their clothes-swapping events;  in order to exchange some of my rarely worn items for something I would actually use.
Unfortunately whenever there was a local event I was either too busy, tired or was unable to find any interested parties to tag along with me (I'm a real chicken sometimes).

Well, this time the Swish Rails and Cocktails event came up I was determined to attend and happy I did.
The night before I sorted washed and ironed a selection of clothes that I intended to along with me to swap (Presentation is everything right?)

According to the Swish Rails and Cocktails rules nothing in bad condition or from Primark would be accepted, so I assumed that I'd be able to grab some similar quality items in return, even if I failed to get as much back.

After work the following evening I headed down to Fox & Firkin in Lewisham South East London to meet some new people, and grab myself some pretty clothes.

Once I'd handed in my items they were rated with a points system that took into consideration the make and condition of the clothing and, once I was given my points I treated myself to a Sex in the City style cocktail (Ok it was a cup of tea) and had a catch up with my friend Sherry while we waited for the swishing to start.

Eventually, the start of the swishing was announced and we were set loose on the rails of clothing, unlike many sample sales that I have attended every one stayed relatively civilised and no fights broke out.

However, I barely resisted the urge to yank back some items I donated but seemed attractive to me after seeing them in the hands of someone else.

Since attending Twiggy’s Frock Exchange I've been a fan of Swishing events as they are an excellent opportunity to meet like minded people as well as pick up some great clothes and hope to attend more.

Interested in Swishing?? Check out Swishing.com for events in your area



Unknown said...

This is such a fun concept!!! Awesome.

<3 Marina

Anonymous said...
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Talitha Azarov said...

I wish we could swish in Chicago! Love that idea maybe ill start my own here:)

Dina L.Andersen said...

Cute blog! So inspirational!

Come visit me at:


xo xo d.

Lady_Elena(uk) said...
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