London Fashion Week Day three

Woke up feeling much better!

Funny how a decent night’s sleep can cure most problems.

Feeling adventurous so I decided to go a little out there with today's outfit.

Since my 1st show isn't until 3pm I will finally get the chance to look around the London Fashion week exhibitions and see what new designers are featured.

While waiting for a friend in the courtyard at Somerset I was approached by some photographers and bloggers who asked to take my picture so I got my Vogue on despite being petrified
Unfortunately the show ran late causing me to miss the fashions finest showcase so I decided to have a spot of lunch

And do some window shopping

I then went down to Grace in Piccadilly where my friend Mary Martin was having a photo shoot for some of her newest creations

Here are some pictures taken of me by bloggers and photographers
Photo taken by Pauls Landscapes

 Photo taken from

Photo taken from FASHION156 

For info on what I am wearing check out my
Outfit of the day blog



NRC♥ said...

Hope your having fun


Molly Mercurio said...

Sounds great!!!! xxx found u on ifb, I'm following ur lovely blog, could u please follow back?

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