London Fashion Week AW12

London fashion week is off to great start, despite my trying to bundle (without wearing a large coat) up the weather has been unseasonably warm today making my massive snood and long sleeve fingerless gloves not necessary
I set off after waking up in the wee hours to get my train in to London (Which I missed) in order to catch my first my first show of the day
'Models walking up and down in dresses' by Antoni and Alison .
Managed to arrive at the BFC tent just in time no thanks to my missing the earlier train but I was met with a welcome surprise
Front Row Seating Baby!
Spot my bright orange jeans in the front row?
Image taken from Styleandthensome

After the show I met up with my friend and fellow blogger Sherry to sort out my London Fashion Week passes then it was off to MAC to book my make over appointments
As we had a bit of time to spare before the Corrie Nielsen, Vestiarium Scoticum show we popped down to the Charring Cross Hotel to check out the Caribbean London Fashion Week exhibition.
Couldn’t face the walk to the Freemason hall in Covent Garden for the Fam Irvoll show. so we jumped in a cab but was faced with an almost intimidating line upon out arrival :(
As London Fashion week shows often do the Fam Irvoll Monstermash London Fashion Week AW 12/13 Catwalk show started and ended later than expected so it was off in another cab in order to make it to the Bora Aksu show ontime, which didn’t matter as the show was grossly oversubscribed and many people myself included were turned away.
Oh well off I went back to the MAC press lounge where I shot a Vblog on the laptops while Sherry had her make over

I was meant to run back to the Freemason building for the Krystof Strozyna show but decided to give it a miss as I knew i wouldn’t be able to make it in time and two cabs a day would have to be my limit Instead I went back to the MAC press lounge until it was time for my make over.

As always I loved my MAC make over

 I told the Carli La Motte the makeup artist

she could decide on my look and she decided to uses a lovely orange which match the Alexander McQueen jeans I was wearing.

Off I then went MAC goodie bag in hand to the Zoe Jordan show.

On route I bumped in to Kitty Brucknell who looked AMAZING
and posed for a picture for me

After the Zoe Jordan show I then had a three hour gap to fill and was undecided if I should go and meet up with Sherry at her Hotel or go back to Vauxhall Fashion Scout and meet up with my friend Pebbles who is doing the nail designs for all the models taking part in the shows during London Fashion Week.

Unfortunately my decision was soon made for me when my Battery died :(

Being the resourceful type I located a mobile phone recharge station with an empty compartment and jumped on one of the laptops in the press area while I waited for my phone to charge

It is from the press area that I am writing this blog

My last show of the day is Jenna Theo then I’m off home to write up my catwalk reports for Fashions Finest and off to bed.

No after Parties for me

Flat shoes tomorrow a must!!!!!

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You are so beautiful, dear!! :)

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