1st GlossyBox Review

 After two trips to two different delivery offices my and a conversation with a nice lady from customer service my GlossyBox has finally arrived

I’m a big kid when it comes to getting surprises and gifts so I have been looking forward to this for some time.

Due to the delay I’m getting my Glossybox (Which was my fault) I looked at some spoiler blogs so the element of surprise was gone

I loved the packaging but…..

I think the products leaves a bit to be desired this month 

While doing my research and looking at previous boxes I was really excited with the products on offer but….

Let me first explain what was in my box:

Paul Mitchell round trip

 As I have Afro hair this isn’t something I would use but GlossyBox aren’t to know that. My hair is in braids at the moment so I can’t use it any way but perhaps when I take them out I will give it a try.

Dr Bronner liquid soap

 I don’t really have an opinion on this item as I’m not really fussed about it. It has a clinical smell to it (My lil bro said it smells like something he had to wash the dog with)

Como Shambhala body lotion

 I didn’t like this product at first but the more I smelt it the more I liked it. Lavender always has a calming effect on me so I am going to try the lotion before I go to bed as I always have a problem switching off and relaxing.

BM Beauty Pure Mineral Eye shadow
This item was fine I guess, it’s a colour I can wear at least but I’m scared to open it as I have the feeling it will all spill out.

Venom Gloss in Buttercup

I think this one of those lip plumping lip-glosses that give you a tingly feeling when you 1st put it one. I’ve only tired one by accident before when I bought it without realising and nearly cried because I thought I was having an allergic reaction.

The colour is quite nice so I am looking forward to trying it

Also inside the box there was a card that said Expect the unexected …

There was a link to the GlossyBox website which you could look look at after the 24th Feb (Today)

When I had a look at the website there was a holding page in which I was given a letter (Mine was I) 

and the copy said:  


“The Mystry Box”

“You have been given a letter!”

“We are giving away new letters each day which together help you form a clue.”

 Ohhhh the intregue

Good one GlossyBox!!!

In all im not over impressed with my GlossyBox but at the same time I am not offended with it
Really want  to find out what is in the The Mystry Box so I’m going to keep my subcription for another month

Lee-Anne x 
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