Longing for Violent Lips!

I came across these crazy Temporary Lip Tattoos from Violent Lips, have literally just placed an order and cannot wait to try them out.

I remember seeing the union jack and the studded designs on Jessie J but I thought it was the work of a very patient and creative make up team.

I love Jessie J’s Make-up Looks! And of course fallen in love with her Music!
From her Music, Style, Attitude! And God Damn can that girl can sing. You need to check her out in a New York Subway on You Tube! Woha! Amazing!
Now I had to blog this Amazing flashing Image of Jessie J… Loving the fact it really highlight’s her Make-up which is one thing that got me liking Jessie J’s Music… It was those studded lips in ‘Do it like a dude’ did it for me! I was hooked!
Jessie J’s latest song, ‘Nobody’s Perfect’,is a great way of seeing what’s-what of new season makeup trends. Some of the looks are perhaps a little ‘out there’ but by taking elements of each look, you can dip a toe in the on-trends. I also love Jessie’s no makeup look in the video - milky skin juxtaposed with near jet-black hair and just a hint of a pinky lip… All her makeup is just magic!!
Celebrity Makeup Artist Karin Darnell has been well known to work on some of  Jessie’s looks :D

far I have seen them on other celebs such at

Kelly Rowland

Lady Gaga

Kim Kardashian

Generally i tend to go for more natural lip colours and have been scared to step out the box and try more eye-catching shades such as hot pink or bright reds or even Frost bite blue however these lip tattoos have appealed to my curious nature and I’m very excited to try them.


Once I receive my order which will consist of the Pink Cheetah lips

 Pink Polka dot lips

and the Pink glitterati

(Can you guess what my fave colour is?).

I have no idea where I will wear them but I am sure I will work something out and I promise to take lots of pictures and perhaps a tutorial once I work out how to put them on properly.



Esmée said...

Thats so cool! Have you ever done something like this?


Elly said...

this is really cool! love the pink polka dot ones! :)


Anonymous said...
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Megha Sarin said...

They are so cool. I cant dare to hv such outrageous lips. :|


sophie xxx said...

These look amazing, I would love to try them out some time! :)


Unknown said...
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