Daphne Guinness and M.A.C collection

When I read that Daphne Guinness had collaborated with M.A.C to bring us a cosmetics line

I didn’t quite know what to expect.

Yes her style is somewhat over the tops with her Black and white skunk style hair do,

outrageous couture outfits and gravity defying platform shoes.

I have yet to see the collection in person but from looking at the press release I think it is Fab! A long time fan of the Smokey eye (even though it takes me ages)

I find the collection to be very sultry and grown up with a sexy vampire magnetism.

 I must say I’m very surprised since I'm used to seeing flashy collections with bright colours from MAC especially the ones endorsed by celebs, it was nice to see some nudes in the mix with subtle pops of colour such as blushes, brown eyeliners, deep red and mauve lipsticks, and deep gold and purple pigments

I've just realised this is the 1st collection to be endorsed by a socialite.

What are your thoughts??

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Megha Sarin said...

I wont go for nude colors. I already have enough and I feel they are not that pigmented :(


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