Samsung PL120 Camera Review

I was looking for an inexpensive camera to take with me on holiday to Cancun as I didn’t want to bring larger and more expensive Sony SLR camera and risk losing or damaging it.

I soon happened upon the Samsung PL120 camera (I admit it was initially because it was pink) I then noticed a unique feature which none of the other cameras some of which were more expensive had.

It has a really innovative a secondary LCD monitor on the front of the camera, to help vain people like me with framing self portraits and self-timer shots.

That was enough for me as I really wanted to take pics of myself to record my outfits for my blog when I got home.

Once I got the camera got home and I opened it up I was impressed with the sophisticated reflective finish but something was missing.. where was the front LCD monitor ? after checking the box and the instructions then charging up the camera I learned that unless the feature is turned the screen doesn’t show up!


A secret LCD screen oooohh I was defiantly impressed

Me and my god daughter, pic taken with Samsung PL120 Camera

Me testing out the Jump feature

Testing testing 123

I also noticed that the rear of the bottom plate is angled in such a way that when the lens is extended the camera can be balanced on a flat surface either in the normal upright position, or angled back by approximately seven degrees, also to help with self-timer shots again perfect for my outfit of the day pictures.
Something that I didn’t like was that the camera takes the MicroSD memory card type, more usually found in mobile phones and not the normal sized SD cards which I already had for my other cameras. Unfortunately I had to search for an old MicroSD card that I had used in an old mobile phone as I didn’t have time to purchase one and prey that there would be enough space for my holiday picture taking needs. But despite my choosing the picture setting with the smallest resolution sadly it was not (but to be fair I did make a load of videos in coco bongos) so not outfit of the day photos for me

The camera is also quite light and has a plastic feel to it which was a bit alien to me after lugging my heavy SLR around but over all I am happy with the PL120's overall performance. It can start up and take a picture in a little over three seconds, and shuts down again in less than two.

I need to have a play with it to work out all the features but the little videos on the LCD screen still amuse me and it was a conversation starter when I was taking random photos with strangers

In all I am happy with the Samsung PL120 as I have needed a handbag sized camera to bring with me when I go out and don’t want to being a large hand bag or my camera.

Stay tuned for outfit of  the day pictures  

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