Would you wear an outfitt made out of nipples?

I was deleting some pictures from my laptop and came across this beauty which I should have blogged about MONTHS ago!

Picture the scene its London Fashion Week and I am strolling around Somerset House browsing the exhibitions yet to see anything truly amazing when I happen upon a lovely structured pale pink dress adorned with appliqué flowers over some fluorescent leggings.

I remember think that the ensemble was pretty but I was not yet moved but it. It wasn’t until I was approached by a pr rep when I noticed the strange texture to the material. “Is it made out of leather?” I asked. The Pr rep smiled at me and replied it’s made from

Cow and Ox nipples!

Quite taken back as this was a response that I was defiantly not expecting I smiled, held back a laugh and asked “Can I touch it?”

After I had had a grope and a giggle the Pr lady explained to me that the dress was designed by Liverpool-born designer Rachel Friere ,who was given 3,000 the cow and yak nipples from tanneries, which would have otherwise thrown them out.

Apparently a dress 3,000 cow nipples bound to spark some controversy as both animal rights campaigners and MPs have since expressed their outrage at the 32-year-old Liverpudlian for her outrageous outfit

Reading some of the comments made have left me somewhat confused, considering the economic situation should she not be praised for making something beautiful and innovative out of something that would have simply been discarded?

That being said I don’t know if I am ready to wear a dress made of nipples

Would you?

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