Catch up - Cancun Birthday trip review

I’ve been gone for a minute now I’m back and its nearly Xmas!

I can’t think how long it’s been since my last post (Hand slap ) unfortunately the last few weeks/months have been a complete blur to me furthermore I can’t seem to recall what happened to 2011.
Oh well Christmas is only a few days way and the 2012 is nearly here.
I will give you guys a quick catch up, due to work I haven’t been too much events fortunately but I did celebrate my birthday in Cancun which was awesome! Best birthday ever.
Myself and Shelby stayed at the Temptations resort and spa which was absolutely lovely.

I managed to see in my birthday in a bit of an undignified manner but I blame the tequila, the manager of Daddyo’s that looks like Vince Vaughn SHELBY and all the peeps that came down from the hotel IT’S YOUR FAULT!

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