Corporate Chic

Redundancy was fun!!!

Actually it wasn’t REALLY, Going to NYC was cool and it was handy to be able to settle in to my new digs with out having to rush around getting ready for work but its defiantly time to start bringing in the bacon.
I must say I was spoilt at my previous place of employment, which was a 15 minute drive from my house and had a relaxed dress policy not to mention the perks of free samples, regular sample sales, freedom to shirk every now and then, regular staff events such as quiz nights, trips to the pub and Wii tournaments (Yes there was a WII) and they provided us with bread for toast every morning sigh!

The whole time I was at IWOOT I always knew that I would probably never get the opportunity to work some where I had so much freedom again (But I’m am keep my fingers crossed).
Despite the early morning starts (I leave my house at 6.40) I am actually enjoying my new role and getting used to my new routine.
My new place of employment is very corporate which means office attire. Considering I have not had to do this for over three years you can imagine this was hard for me but I am slowly getting used to it and enjoying it.

I previously thought of office attire to be boring and stiff, Black, blue or grey suite with a whit blouse and sensible shoes BAH!

However there were many exception that rule, my fashion buddy and fellow blogger Veronica Vain always seemed to make her work wear look colourful, fun funky and professional at the same time.

But I never had the inspiration until now so I intend to play around with my corporate look and try to get some pics uploaded shortly.

Something else  I would like to touch on is the foot wear,  I’ve never been afraid  of heels the higher, but after pounding the London pavements I was left rethinking that mantra, however my employers in heels … wot to do?

Carry heels in a bag and wear flats or trainers on route to the office?
Leave a pair of heels at work and wear flats or trainers on route to the office?
Pick style over comfort and rock the heels any way??
Wots to do wot to do?
Hopefully I will get some Corporate chic inspiration at the Stylist &Mango Reader Event

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