London Fashion week escapades day Two

Ready and rearing to go first stop was the Betty Jackson where I met up with my Editors at Fashions Finest show in the Bfc tent

then on to Estehica brunch which wasn’t really a brunch more like a bunch of people in a room with champagne and muffins going around. I was starving so I grabbed a muffin and then we made our way to the Bernard Chandra Catwalk show at the The Northumberland, which despite having to wait outside in the rain for 30 minutes I enjoyed.
 We then black cabbed it to the Old sorting office for the The Belle Sauvage show where I bumped into Bijani Mizel and Shervelle Rhule of Pride Magazine.

Once the show was over we looked around the exhibitions and I got some Paperself eyelashes

Me with Paperself eyelashes

We then met up with Veronica Vain and at the Lako Bukia catwalk show which ran late causing us to miss the Bryce Aimes show so we had a quick bite to eat at Pizza hut then hit up the A La Mode catwalk show.

For the show reviews and images please check out Fashions Finest


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