MAC Wonder Woman Collection Spring 2011

I had heard Mac had produced a Wonder Woman inspired make up line Spring 2011 and hope to get a close up look while I was in NYC.

Unfortunately I didn’t get round to going to any of the MAC stores.

Never mind I got to have a close up look in the MAC press lounge at London Fashion Week.

This isn’t the 1st time MAC has drawn inspiration their collections from unusual and exciting sources such as the Barbie collection, Hello Kitty collection and the Venomous Villains collections defiantly shows MAC embraces its very stylish inner child and encourages its customers to do so.

Mac are now channeling the strength of the iconic super heroine with a range of line up of super-sized Mineralize Skinfinishs, Eye Shadow quads, Pigment, Opulash, Lipsticks and Lipglass, jumbo-big In funky bold packaging Zap! Bamm! Pow!!

Honestly at 1st I though the packaging was kind of childish and I couldn’t imagine myself touching up my make up in a nightclub ladies toilet without feeling childish but the child in me was like Yeahhhhhhh and I figure any Mac fans will recognize the packaging.

There will also be ranges of limited edition Makeup Bags, Utility Belt Brush Sets, a Wonder Woman T-Shirt and an Invincible Mirror
The Wonder woman range is now available in Selfridges and will be on the MAC website in March and will be available for purchase for only four weeks.
My finished Mac look with Wonder Woman Lip glass Secret identity
With a rumored Wonder Woman movie in the works
Megan Fox as Wonder Woman

and considering how many celeb Wonder Woman doppelgangers there were over that past few Halloweens I can imagine this range will be very popular so get in there ladies
Mya as Wonder Woman

Cassie and Kim Kardasian as Wonder Woman

Beyonce as Wonder Woman

Lola Monroe as Wonder Woman


London Fashion week escapades day Two

Ready and rearing to go first stop was the Betty Jackson where I met up with my Editors at Fashions Finest show in the Bfc tent

then on to Estehica brunch which wasn’t really a brunch more like a bunch of people in a room with champagne and muffins going around. I was starving so I grabbed a muffin and then we made our way to the Bernard Chandra Catwalk show at the The Northumberland, which despite having to wait outside in the rain for 30 minutes I enjoyed.
 We then black cabbed it to the Old sorting office for the The Belle Sauvage show where I bumped into Bijani Mizel and Shervelle Rhule of Pride Magazine.

Once the show was over we looked around the exhibitions and I got some Paperself eyelashes

Me with Paperself eyelashes

We then met up with Veronica Vain and at the Lako Bukia catwalk show which ran late causing us to miss the Bryce Aimes show so we had a quick bite to eat at Pizza hut then hit up the A La Mode catwalk show.

For the show reviews and images please check out Fashions Finest


London Fashion week escapades day one

Fresh off the plane from NYC I barely had time to reacclimatise to the time difference before I had to get ready for a new adventure.... London Fashion week.

With all the invites received and printed off I was ready to go down to sunset house.

As I had been sipping champagne and Mastering the art of walking in high heels at an event held at Terra Plana in High Street Kensington the night before I felt brave enough to face the cobble stone paving of Somerset house. BAD IDEA

I took a dramatic tumble right outside the registration office. After receiving some sympathetic glances from passersby ignored my throbbing knee and hobbled to hail a cab to take me to to my 1st Catwalk show (I couldn’t bear the 5-10 minute walk to the Freemason hall)

Upon arrival at the Ones to watch – Women’s wear catwalk show I met say my friend Samuel and we went in together. After having to wait in the holding area for 20 mins Catwalk show my hopes of being able to finally sit down were dashes when I entered the packed hall, in order to get a decent view I had to actually balance on a ledge bad knee, high heels and all!!

The shoes that didn’t do right with the cobble stones

After the show I said bye to Samuel and went to the press room at Somerset house to sit down and drown my sorrows in a cup of tea. Luckily my friend Veronica vain saw my tweets about my fall and promised to bring me some flat shoes YEAYYYY!!

Off I then went back to the Freemason hall for the Krystof Strozuna Catwalk Show. After having to stand around for 45 minutes due to the show running late I was starting to get irritable until I was advised that I could sit down in the front row!! Woo woo! Even got a goodie bag.

You can see half of me in the far right hand side.

Once the show was over I jumped in a cab back to Somerset house to meet up with Veronica vain in the press room. After another cup of tea and flat shoes I Was good to go and ready to check out the Bora Aksu Catwalk show in the BFC Tent where we spotted Beverly Knight and Nicole from girls aloud. Unfortunately the show was oversubscribed and over 100 people were turned away us included.

While deciding what to do Samuel met us in the BFC tent and we watched people complaining to the PR ladies and got talking to Bijani Mizel the GLOBAL Editor for Posh

Samuel being silly and me watching him

After introductions we all jumped in a cab headed for the Ashley Isham Catwalk show at Mercer Studios. We didn’t even managed to get out of the cab before it declared that the show was full so we instructed the cab driver to take us to the Charring cross hotel for the A La Mode catwalk show unfortunately as the show was late and Veronica vain, Samuel and Bijani Mizel had to run of the PPQ show leaving me to cover A La Mode alone.

Me and Veronica Vain in The Charring Cross Hotel lobby

Once the show was over Veronica Vain came back to meet me for dinner at Pizza express then home I went.

For the show reviews and images please check Fashions Finest

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