Would you wear an outfitt made out of nipples?

I was deleting some pictures from my laptop and came across this beauty which I should have blogged about MONTHS ago!

Picture the scene its London Fashion Week and I am strolling around Somerset House browsing the exhibitions yet to see anything truly amazing when I happen upon a lovely structured pale pink dress adorned with appliqué flowers over some fluorescent leggings.

I remember think that the ensemble was pretty but I was not yet moved but it. It wasn’t until I was approached by a pr rep when I noticed the strange texture to the material. “Is it made out of leather?” I asked. The Pr rep smiled at me and replied it’s made from

Cow and Ox nipples!

Quite taken back as this was a response that I was defiantly not expecting I smiled, held back a laugh and asked “Can I touch it?”

After I had had a grope and a giggle the Pr lady explained to me that the dress was designed by Liverpool-born designer Rachel Friere ,who was given 3,000 the cow and yak nipples from tanneries, which would have otherwise thrown them out.

Apparently a dress 3,000 cow nipples bound to spark some controversy as both animal rights campaigners and MPs have since expressed their outrage at the 32-year-old Liverpudlian for her outrageous outfit

Reading some of the comments made have left me somewhat confused, considering the economic situation should she not be praised for making something beautiful and innovative out of something that would have simply been discarded?

That being said I don’t know if I am ready to wear a dress made of nipples

Would you?

Catch up - Cancun Birthday trip review

I’ve been gone for a minute now I’m back and its nearly Xmas!

I can’t think how long it’s been since my last post (Hand slap ) unfortunately the last few weeks/months have been a complete blur to me furthermore I can’t seem to recall what happened to 2011.
Oh well Christmas is only a few days way and the 2012 is nearly here.
I will give you guys a quick catch up, due to work I haven’t been too much events fortunately but I did celebrate my birthday in Cancun which was awesome! Best birthday ever.
Myself and Shelby stayed at the Temptations resort and spa which was absolutely lovely.

I managed to see in my birthday in a bit of an undignified manner but I blame the tequila, the manager of Daddyo’s that looks like Vince Vaughn SHELBY and all the peeps that came down from the hotel IT’S YOUR FAULT!

Samsung PL120 Camera Review

I was looking for an inexpensive camera to take with me on holiday to Cancun as I didn’t want to bring larger and more expensive Sony SLR camera and risk losing or damaging it.

I soon happened upon the Samsung PL120 camera (I admit it was initially because it was pink) I then noticed a unique feature which none of the other cameras some of which were more expensive had.

It has a really innovative a secondary LCD monitor on the front of the camera, to help vain people like me with framing self portraits and self-timer shots.

That was enough for me as I really wanted to take pics of myself to record my outfits for my blog when I got home.

Once I got the camera got home and I opened it up I was impressed with the sophisticated reflective finish but something was missing.. where was the front LCD monitor ? after checking the box and the instructions then charging up the camera I learned that unless the feature is turned the screen doesn’t show up!


A secret LCD screen oooohh I was defiantly impressed

Me and my god daughter, pic taken with Samsung PL120 Camera

Me testing out the Jump feature

Testing testing 123

I also noticed that the rear of the bottom plate is angled in such a way that when the lens is extended the camera can be balanced on a flat surface either in the normal upright position, or angled back by approximately seven degrees, also to help with self-timer shots again perfect for my outfit of the day pictures.
Something that I didn’t like was that the camera takes the MicroSD memory card type, more usually found in mobile phones and not the normal sized SD cards which I already had for my other cameras. Unfortunately I had to search for an old MicroSD card that I had used in an old mobile phone as I didn’t have time to purchase one and prey that there would be enough space for my holiday picture taking needs. But despite my choosing the picture setting with the smallest resolution sadly it was not (but to be fair I did make a load of videos in coco bongos) so not outfit of the day photos for me

The camera is also quite light and has a plastic feel to it which was a bit alien to me after lugging my heavy SLR around but over all I am happy with the PL120's overall performance. It can start up and take a picture in a little over three seconds, and shuts down again in less than two.

I need to have a play with it to work out all the features but the little videos on the LCD screen still amuse me and it was a conversation starter when I was taking random photos with strangers

In all I am happy with the Samsung PL120 as I have needed a handbag sized camera to bring with me when I go out and don’t want to being a large hand bag or my camera.

Stay tuned for outfit of  the day pictures  

Whats the best Interview attire??

I hate Interviews!!

I always have moment or two of blind panic when deciding what to wear to an interview but I think this may be the most awkward one yet, I’m going for a pr position at a very well known High street retailer who is apparently
High profile enough to be a significant high street player but small enough to be personal and retain a ‘family feel’ culture.”

What does one wear to an interview at such an establishment?

I’ve decided to go simple, smart and chic- you can’t go wrong with a pencil skirt and blouse tight? Let’s wait and see.

Now to practice my interview techniques

What is your perfect interview attire?

Sexy or outrageously dressed celebs individual style or attention seeking??

Sexy or outrageously  dressed celebs individual style or attention seeking??

In a time when individual style can make or break a careers it seems that the current trend among celebrates is to be as daring or outrageous as possible in order to catch the paparazzi or to secure valuable spots on best dress lists.

However the old saying “no publicity is bad publicity” seems to be true looking at artist such as Niki Minaj or lady gaga who’s bold fashion choices whether good or bad have at times received more attention than their records and have been described as eclipsing their talent.

What are your thoughts?

Bikini Babe


African Fashion Week London 2011

It’s a pity that such a wonderfully creative and productive weekend ended with such ugliness as those crazy riots.

Hoever I was pleased to have attended the first African Fashion Week London which was held at Gibson Hall in London.

Two days of fashion, culture and rubbing shoulders with many of the fashion elite.

Before I even watched on of of the shows I was already bowled over by the beautiful and colourful traditional  prints that the guest were wearing, which of late have been very trendy and could be purchased in various outlets such as ASOS but this was the real deal.

Fashion was defiantly taken seriously at this event!
With over 50 designers showcasing their work me and Ms Tagoe were front row (Most if the time lol) ready to be wowed.
Day 2

And for the most part we were not disappointed.
Due to over subscription of many of the shows unfortunately many guests, press and bloggers were denied entry to many of the shows (Well we still got in shhhh) I have to say this did not shock me as I had previously seen this happen at many of the London Fashion Week shows where they literally turned away hundreds of people. Yes I was pissed to be stuck waiting in heels when I should be ushered to a front row seat with a glass of champagne in my hand but hey I’m willing to suffer for my love of fashion within reason (I’m full of it aren’t I? Lol!)

Lee-Anne x 
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Corporate Chic

Redundancy was fun!!!

Actually it wasn’t REALLY, Going to NYC was cool and it was handy to be able to settle in to my new digs with out having to rush around getting ready for work but its defiantly time to start bringing in the bacon.
I must say I was spoilt at my previous place of employment, which was a 15 minute drive from my house and had a relaxed dress policy not to mention the perks of free samples, regular sample sales, freedom to shirk every now and then, regular staff events such as quiz nights, trips to the pub and Wii tournaments (Yes there was a WII) and they provided us with bread for toast every morning sigh!

The whole time I was at IWOOT I always knew that I would probably never get the opportunity to work some where I had so much freedom again (But I’m am keep my fingers crossed).
Despite the early morning starts (I leave my house at 6.40) I am actually enjoying my new role and getting used to my new routine.
My new place of employment is very corporate which means office attire. Considering I have not had to do this for over three years you can imagine this was hard for me but I am slowly getting used to it and enjoying it.

I previously thought of office attire to be boring and stiff, Black, blue or grey suite with a whit blouse and sensible shoes BAH!

However there were many exception that rule, my fashion buddy and fellow blogger Veronica Vain always seemed to make her work wear look colourful, fun funky and professional at the same time.

But I never had the inspiration until now so I intend to play around with my corporate look and try to get some pics uploaded shortly.

Something else  I would like to touch on is the foot wear,  I’ve never been afraid  of heels the higher, but after pounding the London pavements I was left rethinking that mantra, however my employers in heels … wot to do?

Carry heels in a bag and wear flats or trainers on route to the office?
Leave a pair of heels at work and wear flats or trainers on route to the office?
Pick style over comfort and rock the heels any way??
Wots to do wot to do?
Hopefully I will get some Corporate chic inspiration at the Stylist &Mango Reader Event


MAC Wonder Woman Collection Spring 2011

I had heard Mac had produced a Wonder Woman inspired make up line Spring 2011 and hope to get a close up look while I was in NYC.

Unfortunately I didn’t get round to going to any of the MAC stores.

Never mind I got to have a close up look in the MAC press lounge at London Fashion Week.

This isn’t the 1st time MAC has drawn inspiration their collections from unusual and exciting sources such as the Barbie collection, Hello Kitty collection and the Venomous Villains collections defiantly shows MAC embraces its very stylish inner child and encourages its customers to do so.

Mac are now channeling the strength of the iconic super heroine with a range of line up of super-sized Mineralize Skinfinishs, Eye Shadow quads, Pigment, Opulash, Lipsticks and Lipglass, jumbo-big In funky bold packaging Zap! Bamm! Pow!!

Honestly at 1st I though the packaging was kind of childish and I couldn’t imagine myself touching up my make up in a nightclub ladies toilet without feeling childish but the child in me was like Yeahhhhhhh and I figure any Mac fans will recognize the packaging.

There will also be ranges of limited edition Makeup Bags, Utility Belt Brush Sets, a Wonder Woman T-Shirt and an Invincible Mirror
The Wonder woman range is now available in Selfridges and will be on the MAC website in March and will be available for purchase for only four weeks.
My finished Mac look with Wonder Woman Lip glass Secret identity
With a rumored Wonder Woman movie in the works
Megan Fox as Wonder Woman

and considering how many celeb Wonder Woman doppelgangers there were over that past few Halloweens I can imagine this range will be very popular so get in there ladies
Mya as Wonder Woman

Cassie and Kim Kardasian as Wonder Woman

Beyonce as Wonder Woman

Lola Monroe as Wonder Woman


London Fashion week escapades day Two

Ready and rearing to go first stop was the Betty Jackson where I met up with my Editors at Fashions Finest show in the Bfc tent

then on to Estehica brunch which wasn’t really a brunch more like a bunch of people in a room with champagne and muffins going around. I was starving so I grabbed a muffin and then we made our way to the Bernard Chandra Catwalk show at the The Northumberland, which despite having to wait outside in the rain for 30 minutes I enjoyed.
 We then black cabbed it to the Old sorting office for the The Belle Sauvage show where I bumped into Bijani Mizel and Shervelle Rhule of Pride Magazine.

Once the show was over we looked around the exhibitions and I got some Paperself eyelashes

Me with Paperself eyelashes

We then met up with Veronica Vain and at the Lako Bukia catwalk show which ran late causing us to miss the Bryce Aimes show so we had a quick bite to eat at Pizza hut then hit up the A La Mode catwalk show.

For the show reviews and images please check out Fashions Finest

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