Fold up Ballerina Pumps?

1st noticed some roll up pumps in vending machines nightclubs, and while I think they are a good idea I dont think they are for me, if I arrive in heels I leave in heels. No matter how much my feet hurt I'm trying to preserve my sexy till I get to the car then I can cry all the way home lol.

I have since nicer verson of the shoes in shops that you can pop in your bag and bring to the club which I supose could be cool because you are then able to match the pumps with your outfitt, however I would hate to see the look on the bouncers face when he has to search through your rolled up ballet pumps to make sure your not sneeking something naughty in to the club.

While wandering around BNTM Live I happened upon these Limited editions Sex in the City and Disney pumps by Redfoot Shoes that I think are quite cool
Redfoot Shoes are special because they have a world-wide patented split sole which lets them fold perfectly in half, making them highly compactable and easy to store in even the smallest handbags.
Designed with heel battered feet in mind, they have puncture-proof and durable soles ideal for outside wear resulting in a comfy shoe that loves your feet, yet is super-strong and supportive enough to wear all day long.

Yes they are mega cute ane the idea is good but unfortunatly they not for me.

I have just I am uploading the Taylor zebra sample (worth £35)
I was given to my Wots Her Name Again ebay shop for a starting price of £5 and a buy now price of £15 why not snap your self up a bargin.

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Happy Bidding


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