Cold Kisses With Frost Bite Blue Lipstick

Recently featured on the catwalks at Canda fashion week

and on the lips of uber trendy celebs such as KE$HA

Lola Monroe,

Amber Rose


Tokyo Diva

Frost bite blue lips could well be next big thing to see us through the winter.


Not for this faint at heart as this look is will definatly turn heads and attract attention so i would say this colour is for the loud, daring, and bold ladies only.

Personally loving the idea of Blue lips with dark somkey eyes and long lashes for a crazy night of partying /clubbing for an edgey avant garde look..................

but dont know if I'm brave enouth to try it.

MAC had a great lipstick called Blast O Blue from their C-Shock collection

however it was a limited editon and is nolonger avaliable in their store or online however its definatly worth trying ebay.

Spacenk has the
No She Didn't opaque blue lipstick which is also quite cool

What are your thoughts????

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