F*#k Valentines Day: A single woman's rant

For the past few weeks, we have been scampering around trying to come up with ideas for our Valentine’s Day campaign, and there was an argument not to even bother as the most people cannot be bothered with this blatant commercial trapping.

I myself understand the stand the importance and the thought behind Valentine’s Day. 
Yes, you don’t need to wait for one specific day in the year to tell someone you love them. 
Spontaneous gestures of love can be performed any day

Normally I am really busy (or just plain forgetful) and I often forget the birthdays and anniversaries of my many loved ones.
I have found that traditional buying dates such as: 
Valentine’s Day 
Mothers/Father’s Day
Work for me because; approaching the date there will be references and gift guides in practically every magazine, website and every TV channels would have themed adverts so you would literally have to live under a rock or really not care if you managed to forget a gift for a loved one.

Unlike bloody birthdays that creep up on you when you have no money then you have to:

 Explain to the person that you forgot

quickly run and buy a cheap yet thoughtful gift

· Avoid the person

despite my own absent mindedness, I go mad when people forget to buy me Birthday gifts lol! The same with Valentine’s Day.

I actually love it when I am in a relationship and I can give a cute sexy little gift to my boo.

However, I’m not in a relationship at the moment so Valentine’s Day can F*#k OFF!!

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