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Tips For Stress-free Shopping

In my youth I loved shopping and spending the day hitting the shops in the west end or at Bluewater was my idea of heaven.

Ahh the days when I had NO bills

Isabel Marant H&M collaboration Shopping Event Review

Sometimes you really have to see something to believe it.

I had been waiting for weeks to attend the Isabel Marant for H&M event.

I arrived Silver ticket in hand ready to treat myself and all see what the big deal was.
I was aware that people had already selling some of the pieces on eBay before the collection was launched for three times what it it was worth!

So again I wanted to see what the big deal was.
I had looked one the website to get a look at the collection beforehand and saw a few pieces that I liked but probably shouldn’t buy with Christmas right around the corner.

Upon arrival I managed to make friends with some well-dressed ladies who seemed to have some clout because after declaring to them that I was with their crew as soon as the doors were open we were swept inside. No queuing
Thanks Ladies!

Inside was pandemonium that it took 

me a few minutes to get my baring’s and by then everything was sold out lol!

I was a bit disapointed but the drinks and treats on offer helped to cheer me up 

As did the goodie bags which contained lovely silk scarves 

Not gonna apologise for this review being a week late because it is super cold and when it is cold I go straight to bed after work lol!

Hayes Street Farm Boot Fair

Hi all hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed the AMAZING weather!
I made sure to take full advantage.

Sunday morning I made sure I was up super early to meet my mum and her dog Barbie to go to the Hayes Boot sale.

I must say this is my first time going to a proper boot sale in a field as apposed to a car park or school.
Barbies ready to find some bargains
Now I’m going to let my lack of pictures illustrate how good the boot sale was as even after several trips back to the car my hands were rarely empty

Here are a few of my fave purchases

I got this United Colors of Benetton camera case and handbag for £3.00!!  

This vintage leather and suede Jacket cost me a whopping
Mens Blazer a steal at
I also brought some really pretty plates and vases

I can’t believe my mum has been living around the corner for three years and this is the first time that we have gone there.

Poor Barbie was absolutely KNACKERED by the time we left poor Barbie had to be carried to the car but she had lots of fun meeting people and other dogs.
I thought it was really nice that lots of the stall holders but bowls of water for the visiting dogs.

It was also a good opportunity for my mum to meet some more of the neighbours.

Hayes Street Farm Boot Fairs throughout the year from April to September, they are normally every two weeks but this can change due to weather

conditions. To keep updated check the Hayes Street Farm Boot Fair website or check out their twitter @HayesStreetFarm

Wots Her Name Again? massive clearout sale @ Capitalcarboot

Winter is soon upon us and dispite having a spring clean out I find myself lost for space in my closets. 

What to do………………….



I will be going down to the Capitalcarboot in Pimlico London Sunday 30th September with Tagoes Closet


Pimlico Academy
Chichester Street entrance
Lupus Street, London, SW1V 3AT







Make up



You name it I need to get rid if it lol!

Everything is In really good conditon and most of the make up is new and unused!!

Everything must go!!

Follow Capital Carboots twitter page to get a secret password for free entry

Pay Day Primark Haul

Pay day woop woop

After being coped up in a sweltering office all day I thought it would be nice to take advantage of Thursdays late night shopping and stretch my legs

With my spending budget clearly defined in my head but quickly exceeded I came home very happy with my purchases.

Knit blazers/biker  Cream& Black

I love these Jackets because they remind me of those channel wearing ladies who lunch like Maryann Thorpe from Cybil

but with a hard biker edge.

Due to poor lighting my pics are really not doing them justice, The knitted fabric has gold string woven into it giving it a high end feel  and the contrasting metal zips give it that biker feel As does the faux leather collar on the black jacket. .

There are no front fastening but do cool people really zip up there blazers/biker jackets?

I love the print and colours on these shorts,

I have wanted a tribal print bodycon min for the longest time and now I have one!!

I always have the worst time when buying long skirts or maxi dresses because they are always too short. I was uber happy to find this little number which touches the floor when I wear it (this never happens)

Love the festive boat design and string straps.

In the UK we are currently having a bit of a heat wave and due to it happening so late in the summer most of the little summer frocks are on sale.

As I will be going on a beach holiday in November I exceptionally pleased since I can simply chuck them in my case to wear on holiday once the weather starts misbehaving again.

I’m sure we have worked out that my fave colour is pink and I thought this little number was adorable! I’m actually wearing it today,

Then there are these two cute little sundresses

Did anyone else hit up the Primark sales??

Tagoe's Closet rewriting the shopping experience

Of late I have shunned the high street and shopping centres in favour of shopping online.
I know online shopping doesn’t appeal to every one but for me it gets the job done.
  I hate the whole waking up on a Saturday morning, and having to wrestle with other buyers,
beg sales annoyed assistants for help getting the right sizes and im then expected to part with my hard earned cash after receiving substandard customer service.

Oh no honey!!
Give me online any day, I can be in my bed with my laptop or secretly at my computer at work and wham bam I have what I want.

Next day delivery please.
This doesn’t count for my love of thrifting going to markets and boot sales however because I love seeking out hidden gems and there is always lots of interesting people to talk to.
When I received an invitation for Tagoe's closets

Blog anniversary and shopping event launch
 I thought that would be an interesting way to spend a Saturday afternoon and perhaps pick up some bits and pieces for work.
Held at Nineteen in Streatham I was greeted upon entry by the hostess Ms Sherry Tagoe with a glass of wine and offered a variety of nibbles from the lovely spread of goodies.

Then it was time to get down to serious business…… Shopping

I generally take a no prisoners attitude when shopping, Don’t look at me don’t talk to me I don’t play!

And snatching garments I want out of other shoppers mind and screaming “you snooze you lose bitches!!”  has often crossed my mind but I promise I have never done it .

In this instance I found the experience very calming and enjoyable (The wine may have helped) giving and receiving advice to other shoppers about which garments to select.

Once the shopping was over and people started to get tired we all sat down had drinks and had general chit chat for a while before saying out god byes and leaving with our goodies.

For infomation about Tagoes Closet and any upcoming events please check out the Tagoe's Closet Facebook page.
Or at the  the Weighting In Vain blog

Event images provided by Tagoes closet