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ORS #Hairvolution Event Review

Over the weekend I was invited down to the All Star Lanes Bowling Alley (In a private room) in Brick lane by ORS (Formally known as Organic Root Stimulator) for their newest products launch a Straightening & Straightening Treatment which is a part of the HAIRepair range.

I hobbled sown to the event after a day in killer heels at the Vogue Festival feeling self-conscious about my bowling skills but ended up having a fantastic time.
Looking sexy in the bowling shoes my feet were very thankful
There was great food and cocktails
Scalp scrub making station 
ORS Brand Ambassadors 

 I made my own hair scrub, met some lovely fellow bloggers and the glamorous ORS ambassadors.
Our private bowling lanes
I even did better than I anticipated in the bowling competition (even though I didn’t win).
I didn't have the lowest bowling score 
I have been using products from ORS for years now and I’m ashamed to say that they are such a staple in my hair routine that it never even occurred to me to blog about them 

What is the The ORS™ Straightening & Strengthening Treatment by HAIRepair™ ?
The ORS™ Straightening & Strengthening Treatment by HAIRepair™ is designed to strengthen and smooth the cuticle helping you achieve more manageable hair with impeccable body and shine. With the help from thermal irons, our system helps to create a protective shield that locks in moisture and guards against humidity. Enriched with natural ingredients like coconut extract, aloe vera and wheat protein, our 360° styling formula allows your natural curls to return with just one shampoo, helping you to achieve the versatile styling options you desire!
Product demonstration
Finished result
Step 1: Prepare hair with the Clarifying Shampoo.
Step 2: Treat & Protect with the Foam Activator and Smooth & Seal Leave-in Conditioner.
Step 3: Seal & Smooth with your blow dryer and flat iron

The Straightening &  Strengthening  Treatment really appealed to me as I have been stretching out my relaxers and have recently been considering going natural but I didn’t want to be constricted to one style but at the same time was slightly concerned as I have been avoiding putting heat on my hair.

At the end of the night all of the attendees were given goodie bags containing the Straightening & Strengthening Treatment and some other hair repair goodies 

I will defiantly try this out when I take down my braids.

ORS Straightening and strengthening Treatment is available in your local hair shop 
Apologies about my photos I wanted to look all snazzy at the Vogue Festival and my phone battery was completely dead and my small Samsung camera obviously didn’t handle the job :(

Be:Fit London Event Review

With my recent interest in my health and we'll being I was super excited to come down to Befit London which has just recently changed from being called the Vitality show.
I attended the Vitality show last year and enjoyed myself so I was very excited.
Be:Fit London basically gets health and fitness experts, brands ect in one place which is great because I have lots of questions to ask over the free days there is a line up of seminars hosted by Health and beauty experts as well as fitness classes hosted In the Reebok fitness studio.
I turned up not so bright and early in my fitness gear (ok I was trying to be cute in my wedge trainers but I'm going to be serious when I come back on Sunday).
Since the name change it seem that Befit London is lot more serious about fitness than the Vitality show was. 

Nuffield Health had have a stand where you can come and have a fitness check up 
Which was so popular all of the appointments were taken by the time I got there :( 
And there was lots of health food companies offering up guilt free yummy treats.

There wasn't so many cosmetic company's but oh well. 
I had come down with the intention of not spending any money but of course I did
However I can justify my purchases dammit 

Harpers Bazaar Subscription 
I have been wanting to take out a subscription and I got a free massage, just what I needed after all the walking up and down and hello I live a very stressful life so I deserve it lol!

Women's Health 
subscription which came with a Dermalogica gift set 

Your buds iPod nano arm band 
I've wanted one of these for the gym for ages!
I actually wasn't too bad today spending wise but I will be leaving my purse at home when I go back on Sunday. 

Overall I had a good day however I was hoping to learn more about nutrition and how to prepare foods myself instead of purchasing prepackaged foods however this could have been touched on in in seminar as I only went to the Q&A session with Newby Hands the Health and Beauty Editor of Harpers Bazaar which was quite good.

Did you go down to Be:fit London? 

Ideal Home Show

I always enjoyed going down to the ideal home show to get some decorating ideas, learn about some new gadgets and of course indulge in a bit of retail therapy and today defiantly a fun day out and a work out in one.
I had intended not to spend any money but ended up treating myself to some Perfect Black Leggings 
Why are they perfect? Made from quality cotton which is dense on colour the Perfect Black Leggings should not sag or go see through (I hate when I can see a girls knickers throughout her leggings) and they are cut so that they flatters all shapes and help to pull in your jiggly bits. 
and a mini dress 
from Venus Cow (I figured I lost a stone it's time to start getting my sexy back)
I also had a lovely chat with the company's inspirational founder Shirly Yanez (pictured) who is also a life coach, phalantriphisyt and an Author and she gave me a copy of her book Help Work Yourself Out
I also coped a box of green tea from Teapigs because I had been meaning to buy some for ages.
Check out my pics from the day.

Bye bye Ideal Home Show

Bloggers Love...Beauty Bar Event Review

I was excited to attend the first Bloggers Love.. event of 2014

Bloggers Love...Beauty Bar.
Held in the swank Penthouse in Lester square the following  beauty brands
ARK Skincare: 
Argentum Apothecary: 
Eve Taylor: 
Herra Haircare: 
La Cure UK: 
My Treat Card: 
The Make Up Bullet: 
Yumi Lashes: 

showcased some of their amazing products some I had heard of and some I hadn’t.

Herra Hair Perfume 
was one of the products that I wasn’t so sure about until I spoke to one of the representatives. Not only does it make your hair smell nice with its warm floral sent but it contains ingredients such as:
Sunflower extract which not only protects structure of the hair but it helps provide protection against UV and Glycerin which helps provide ample hydration and seals in moisture, without weighing down the hair.
Herra Hair Perfume also works wonders on both synthetic and human hair extensions (I checked)

The Make Up Bullet:

I have watch many YouTube videos and read blogs about this product but it wasn’t available in the UK so one of the 1st thing I said to the rep was “Is this product available for purchase today” and died in side when I was told "No but it is now available on The Make Up Bullet  website."
My grief was short lived when I discovered that there was a sample in the goodie bags WOOP WOOP!

The Make Up Bullet is a hollow bullet shaped foam applicator which you can put on the end of your finger for precise make up application. There is a pointed end to helps with tricky areas such as under the eye and it has a soft textured surface which I imagine will leave a really smooth finish.

La Cure UK
Have a range of products which unique composition of minerals from the dead sea which  renowned for their therapeutic and beautifying powers.
I was given a small sample of the Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts which is said to relieve muscle tension and the stress of daily  life and  give natural relief for the symptoms of skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema. I only had a little bit so I can’t vouch for the long term effects but I used it last night and I found itvery refreshing and my skin felt very smooth.

I also tried the Papaya Body Butter which smells absolutely delicious! It has a nice creamy consistence without being greasy, absorbs really well into the skin and has a matt finish.

Argentum Apothecary 
this was a curious yet well packaged product.
Inspired by a dream had by one of the founders who wanted to create a product that would work on any skin type and contains  antioxidant and anti-bacterial Silver Hydrosol which helps  promote skin cell regeneration, and hydrating DNA HP and Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E.
Argentum Apothecary has a lovely sent which I not over whelming and it’s not too greasy. I would be especially interested to find out how it would benefit someone like me who has super greasy skin.

ARK Skincare
I really liked some of the products that this brand had to offer and I am interested to check out their ARK Age Aware Assessment. I especially loved their rang of candles which can be used to moisturise your skin!

As usual I enjoyed myself at the event but unfortunately I had to rush off early as I was invited to the Superdry LC:M show

Isabel Marant H&M collaboration Shopping Event Review

Sometimes you really have to see something to believe it.

I had been waiting for weeks to attend the Isabel Marant for H&M event.

I arrived Silver ticket in hand ready to treat myself and all see what the big deal was.
I was aware that people had already selling some of the pieces on eBay before the collection was launched for three times what it it was worth!

So again I wanted to see what the big deal was.
I had looked one the website to get a look at the collection beforehand and saw a few pieces that I liked but probably shouldn’t buy with Christmas right around the corner.

Upon arrival I managed to make friends with some well-dressed ladies who seemed to have some clout because after declaring to them that I was with their crew as soon as the doors were open we were swept inside. No queuing
Thanks Ladies!

Inside was pandemonium that it took 

me a few minutes to get my baring’s and by then everything was sold out lol!

I was a bit disapointed but the drinks and treats on offer helped to cheer me up 

As did the goodie bags which contained lovely silk scarves 

Not gonna apologise for this review being a week late because it is super cold and when it is cold I go straight to bed after work lol!