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Holiday packing

I have written many travel tips post which I hope you guys have enjoyed reading becauseI have enjoyed writing them.
As much as I love travelling to different countries I hate the actually travelling part.
and  long haul flights are the worst.
I have the attention span of a flea, I always hate the food, I’m always cold!
and Oh yeah
And no matter how hard I try I can’t sleep on planes.
I’ve tried not sleeping the night before, and I don’t want to resort to sleeping tablets incase  something happens during  the flight and nobody can wake me.
I have found that having as much home comforts as possible will at least keep me content and stop me from annoying those around me.
For my in  tips checkout this

blog post
Some people wait until the very last minute to pack their suitcase for a holiday.
Despite relentlessteasing from my family and friends I tend to start packing anywhere from amonth to two weeks before I am due to leave depending on my work schedule.
In this instance due to a very hectic schedule at work and college I started 5 weeksbefore I was due to leave.
The first thing I do is make a table in excel specifying the amount of days I will be away and activities I have pre planned while I am there ie Quad biking, Boat partiesor club hopping tours ect
I also check the website of the resort that I am going to see if they will be having any theme nights or activities that I may what to take part in.
I then breakup my day in to evening and day time and then plan my outfits
Once I knowwhat I need I can go through what I have and select appropriate items which I add to my table and chuck in my suite case.
When I have finished this exercise I can then put together a shopping list of what I need.
When I am away I like to have my creature comforts with me so I always pack the following:
  Pillow case
I am allergic to some washingpowders but I can never remember which kind

I normally have this in my carry on any way
 perfect for afternoon naps without upsetting the bed clothes. 
Travel plug adapter +Extension wire Hotelplug sockets always seem to be in the most random of places and charging Camerachargers, Ipod chargers, mobile phone charger one by one is a LONG TING so Ihave an multi extension wire that lives in my suitcase just for travelling
I know that you get towels in the hotelroom and round the pool but I like to have one of my own and if I end up buyingto much things I just leave it at the hotel.

This little diddy is my newest find again I know that Hotels give you round the pool which you can place on the sun loungesbut after it has touched he sun lounger I am reluctant to touch my face with itand ac soon as you change the position on the sun lounger the towel just falls off L

Cup!! I got this little tip from the Canucncarewebsite. Why keep going up to the bar to refill the tiny cups they give you inresorts when you can fill up this little beauty which will keep your beverage colderfor longer, and keep it chlorine and bug free
 Pack of crackers – Because I love crackers andif I’m feeling poorly from too much drinking



Bikini Babe

The summer slowly and sporadically blessed us with glorious weather which have managed to take full advantage of resulting in my glorious tan (woo woo!) and my many insect bites (booo).
Woo woo look at my tan

Despite my adverse feelings towards cold weather I am I will not morn the summer this year because I will be spending my birthday/ Thanks Giving (for my pals from the US) In Cancun baby!
Jamaica 2010 I worked hard on my abs so im showing em off!!

In my refusal to waste money on a summer wardrobe that I wouldn’t get to wear I decided to wait for the summer sales to purchase my holiday wardrobe and do lots of window shopping (And working on my bikini body) before committing to a purchase.

Take a look at some of my picks so far

This is not the 1st time the Paolita swimsuit has graced my blog and I am unapologetic about that because this swimsuit is AWESOME!!

Bikini Brazil according to some of the forums these styles of bikinis are very popular in Cancun, I don’t think I will be brave enough to rock those tiny weenie bottoms though lol!

This Savanna Bikini from Beach Cafe is fierce! I would intend to have more curves than the model

How cute is the corsage detail on this Salinas Rosette Ruffle Bandeau Bikini Set from  Asos

Pineapple print bikini set by Salinas from ASOS

No swimming allowed in this Just Cavalli Sequin Triangle Bikini from Asos, Posing only please

Totally loving the bold and almost tribal print on this River Island Black Paco Cut Out Swim Suit

On 1st sighting this Pouch Over Swimsuit from ASOS seems a little frumpy but it would very handy after a night of drinking and a morning pigging out at the buffet

Heels and a cocktail would be the perfect accessory for this girly halter ruffle bikini

This tassel bikini is so hot that I would even consider rocking the top with some jeans and heels on a night out (Am I too old for that??)