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5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone At Least Once in Your Life

I’m not going to lie the idea of going on holiday alone petrified me.
Images of me lost in a city alone or even worse getting kidnapped or robbed by the crazy natives. I also often of being billy no mates by the pool with no one to talk to. 
Last year after a purchasing my flat (Most stressful thing I have ever done) and getting over a Lupus flair I was sitting in my office stressed and tired and suddenly decided …..”I’m going on holiday!”

No1 Lounge Gatwick South Review

No1 Lounge Gatwick South Review

I have said it before love to travel hate to fly and
After waking up at the crack of dawn
sitting in rush hour traffic
lugging around heavy suitcases (That is probably my own fault)
Lining up for what seems like hours,
Take off and put back on your shoes a bunch of times
Answering a bunch of stupid questions from security,
Emptying out your hand bag for security to rifle through your stuff,
Hold your belly in while going to the x-ray machine (If I end up on passport patrol I want my stomach to look flat thanks)
and the walking … oh, the walking!
Unfortunately,  as I am neither rich, royalty or a celebrity so  I can’t avoid any of the above airport hassles
but I have to say that it after going through all that and before being cramped in a tiny seat for hours it's nice to be able to go somewhere nice and quiet
Have a bite to eat and perhaps a spot of tea while enjoying complimentary Wi-Fi and occasionally enjoying the panoramic runway views.
I make myself laugh
Pompous rambling aside the No.1 Gatwick is absolutely lovely
Providing an ideal haven from the airport hustle and bustle with nice comfy sofas and large windows that give lots of light and give the room a nice airy feel
A variety of magazines newspapers and  games are available to keep guests occupied until they wait to board their flights
 which for me was not necessary as they have free Wi-Fi!
They also offer complimentary hot and cold food such as pastry’s, fruits, porridges alongside a bistro-style menu as well as complimentary soft drinks and beers the fully-tended bar
(Champagne and cocktails cost extra)
and like I said earlier complimentary Wi-Fi!
No 1 Traveller also has lounges in the UK at Heathrow, Gatwick North, Gatwick South, Stansted and Birmingham from £27.50 per adult at reception, for up to three hours access (children £12.50 each), £22.50 if booked in advance (children £10).

Love to travel HATE to fly

It doesn't matter how carefully you try to plan so,thing something can always go wrong :(

After arriving gatwick south at our planned time, handing myself keys to the parking valet and saying by to my car we mad our way to the  Thomas Cook checking desk so far so good.

No Que this is perfect handed our info to the to check in lady and weighed our luggage then I was told........
Your luggage is four kilos over!
Your hand Luggage is five kilos over! And you cannot bring your camera case as that counts as a item of hand luggage!


The next few 30 minutes were spent redistributing items between my hand luggage my suitcase and Sally's suitcase and deciding what I can throw away
Eventually I came up with the idea of putting my handbag into my mini pull along suite case, putting most of my toiletries into Sally's hand bag and carrying my travel blanket I'm ,y hand.

Nothing I could do about then Four extra KG's on my check in luggage. 
Me "how much will it cost for the extra weight"
Checkin lady " £18 per KG!

After some quick mathematics I realised my packing blunder would cost me £80!

I was livid but fudge it jus wanna get on the plane

Grabbed my purse but the checkin lady discreetly shook her head a told us to go to the security........
Did what I think just happened happen??


Oh yeah and our flight was delayed by 1 hour and 15 mins! 


Off to security which was surprisingly painless,  Passport control is now automated so you jus scan your passport go through, 
After our bags were scanned we hit up the terminal.

Unfortunately as I had move all my stuff around I couldn't remember what bags my cameras were I. So couldn't rake pictures of how they makes over the terminal but it looks lovely.

I tried to avoid all off the high end duty free cosmetic and perfume stores but there it was........


What started as just having a look ended up in my making s purchase, I'm happy to say I didn't go while just picked ups toner and pressed powder to control ly greasy skin and off we went.

I was very happy and excited to be invited in to the No 1 lounge and after the stress of nearly throwing away my clothes the calming atmosphere was defiantly in order.

Quite a bit smaller than the Gatwick North lounge but just as tastefully decorated the Gatwick South Lounge has a fully stocked bar and offered a selection of hot food and a continental breakfast, fruits and a selection of teas and juices.

Unfortunately due to out flight being delayed we had a bit more time the. We originally accepted so we quickly selected out food and sat down to eat.
(With my distrust of airplane food I made sure to get a lot)
While keeping an eye on the departures board.

I also me up with Sue who I met last year and was on our flight and had a nice little chat.

When our boarding gat was finally announced we made out way to the gate (after a quick detour to WH Smith to pick up some magazines' water and snacks)

Before we knew it we were on the plane and in the air 
Bye Bye UK

Apologies for the lack of pics peeps

How to do Jet setter Chic *UPDATE*

I love to travel, Hate to fly? How to do Jet setter Chic what to wear/ pack in your hand luggage for a long haul flight *UPDATE*

A friend of mine is travelling to NYC this weekend and asked me for the benefits of my wisdom being the savvy traveller that am.

In all honesty I actually hate flying but I find to helps to dress comfortably and have my home comforts with me on the plane which stops me from bugging my travel buddy or even worse random strangers if I’m travelling alone

So everybody wins

I’ve travelled a few times since my last post and picked up some new tips so I figured an update was due.
Because I feel the need to carry so many items with me in my hand luggage recently invested in a cabin approved hand luggage from Primark which is very durable and roomy, yet it's still within hand luggage restrictions on most airlines, has four wheels so it’s very easy to lug around and an expandable zip compartment thingy to accommodate last minute duty free purchases

One of my other problems is that I tend to get very cold on flights but hate to be constricted by tight stiff clothing.

Think Layers which can be added and removed to make yourself comfortable

My flight day outfit generally consists of:

Thigh length boyfriend Cardigan

Vest top

Long sleeved top

skinny jeans (Over leggings so they can be taken off on the plane)


Comfortable foot wear

Coat/jacket depending on my destination

In my wheelie case I managed to fit the following essentials and still had room for the tons of magazines and snacks I purchased at the airport:

   Travel Pillow

   Snuggey – Controversial but I think necessary, My friends are at 1st embarrassed when I take it out but then want to get under it with me!

Sorry but no a Snuggie is effective for one person don’t you see the arm holes??

Book – Now upgraded to a Kindle and hopefully an I pad soon

Facial wipes

Mini hand sanitizer

Travel size Vaseline

Tooth brush with travel case

Travel tooth paste

Travel mouth wash

Dermalogica Multi Active Toner (Travel size)

Dermalogica Active Moist (Travel size)

Small travel container with hair gel

Small travel container with hair grease

IPod touch

Nose cancelling earphones

Mac lip gloss

Mac congealer

Mac powder


Wide tooth comb

hair brush

Passport/ passport holder.

Vest top


Travel sized deodorant

small bottle of perfume

Frequent flyer CARD!!

Silk scarf/ Bonnet

Reusable Coffee Cup+Tea Bags

Once I were in the air and the seat belt sings were turned off I like to rushed to the toilets where I take off my jeans, and make-up slather moisturizer on my face and style my hair either a bun, Pippy long stocking style braids or even curlers depending on my hairstyle of choice, and let’s not forget the silk scarf/bonnet.

I then went back to my seat where I kicked off my shoes and don my comfy puppy dog slippers, wrapped myself up in my Snuggie and then entertain myself with the in-flight facilities, read my kindle/magazines or of possible go to asleep (I am normally unable to sleep on planes).

Just before the landing to land, its back to the toilet where I like to quickly freshen up with the facial wipes, change into my clean vest top, brush my teeth, apply some concealer under my eyes followed by a light application of powder, mascara and some lip-gloss, restyle my hair then I then put my jeans (Depending on the weather of my destination) and shoes back on then I’m ready to face a new looking fab!

Oh can’t forget I’m very much a tea snob and hate the tiny cups that they serve tea in so I have started packing my own tea bags and a reusable coffee cup which will keep the beverage hot for much longer and reduce spills.

For my last trip I actually invested in an airport lounge as my flight was well worth it

I went to the No. 1 lounge which included


 a hot breakfast as well as a continental breakfast,
 unlimited tea, coffee,
 juices and soft drinks

games room, cinema, Media room and even a spa if you would like a last minute facial or manicure.
Hope these tips help

How to do Jet setter Chic what to wear/ pack in your hand luggage for a long haul flight

I'm happy to report that all of my pre-holiday research worked out perfectly, so thanks to everyone for responding to my blog and also to Trinny & Susanna and Victoria Beckham for their in-flight style tips.