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How to make extra MONEY

I don’t think I have ever heard anyone say that I have way too much money
and I rarely hear anyone say that they have enough money so  I’m guessing an injection of cash is always welcomed especially if you’re not exactly living the lifestyle you want to.
Here are some creative ways you can make more money.

Sell your stuff
Seriously when was the last time you had a proper clean out?
Odds are you have soo much stuff you don’t need and aren’t using.  I know tend to hang on to things “just in case” I need them someday but never do. Now my rule of thumb is if I haven’t used it in a year it needs to go.
Sell it on eBay, gumtree or even go to your local boot sale to make a little extra cash.

Enhance your skills
If you want to start a change career or take your current career to the next level in order to, of course, get paid more than you should defiantly consider enhancing your current skills.  Job experience is a big part of negotiating your wage and getting paid what you’re worth, but so are skills and education.  Going back to education is a great way to make more money.

Turn something you love into a money-making opportunity
Do you love doing something in your spare time that could make you money?  If the answer is yes then why aren’t you?  Whether you like to spend your free time writing, making jewellery or whatever I’m sure there is a way to make it into a professional side hustle generate an income just think creatively.

Let people know what you can do
Talk about the services, I have a friend that is a teacher who was a short of money, now she tutors children in her spare time in order to get extra money. If you can sew offer your service to friends and relatives repairing and altering clothing.  Or if you are able to build websites…..
Don’t be shy to talk about your work and ask your neighbours, friends and family to spread the word about your skills. 
Get a part time job
Not the most creative solutions but a solution. If you have spare time of an evening or on the weekends why not get a part time job?  If you have experience in retail you could apply at your fave clothing shop or in your local supermarket so not only will you be getting more pocket money you will save money using your employee discount.

Become a secret shopper
There are loads of companies that offer secret shopper which means you basically get paid to shop! Ok, there is more to it than that, you shop in certain shops dine out in restaurants then evaluate the service you received and feed the information back to the company.

What’s your secret to making extra money?

#BloggersFestival Event Review

 #BloggersFestival is an event organised by the lovely Scarlett London, which features around 200 bloggers, 20 brands and at the Conrad hotel in London.
Ready to go!

 I was a bit nervous about attending on my own, however lovely blogging duo Soeurs De Luxe organised meet up with a lovely group of girls for lunch at a local Pizza Express before the event started.

Soeurs De Luxe made all of the attendees these lovely chocolates

Amazingly there was over 20 bloggers at the lunch and every one was really friendly unfortunately it was impossible to talk to everyone but we all agreed to stay in touch and have more blogger meet ups in the future.

After finishing lunch, we headed to the Conrad Hotel for the event.

The event organiser Scarlett at the door handing out programmes and greeting every one.
There were around 20 stands in the whole room ranging from perfume brands, stationary, clothes and yoga. 
 Amazing pieces at Jewellerybox


I am obsessed with my Custom planner from TOAD

I need the Brushes from Nashy in my life!! 
Initially I found it a bit over whelming as I wanted to see everything and there was so much people there. We were all well and truly spoilt for choice but I am happy to report that I was able to go round to each stall to find out about the brands. 
Now I did not expect to get so many wonderful goodies from the event buy hey reviews to come folks
Goodie Bags!!!
This was my first time going to one of Scarlett's events and I would definably attend more in future
Shout outs to Scarlett for organising such a fantastic event
Below is the blog, twitter and Instagram links to the other bloggers that attended the Bloggers lunch.
Make sure to check them out