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Right Now I’m Loving…

Heres a few things I'm loving at the moment 

Early nights 
As I suffer from Lupus it feels like no amount of sleep is enough for me to feel properly rested however I have come to learn that it is the quality of sleep that matters. There is nothing like having an early dinner followed by a relaxing bath then going bed. No TV, no iPad no phone just time to download after a crazy day before drifting off to sleep.

9 steps towards a more positive you

Life isn’t easy, sometimes s##t happens and at times it can seem hard if not impossible to bounce back. Positive encouragement can come from anywhere friends, family even inspirational posts on Instagram but what do you personally do for yourself when you need an infusion of positivity and inspiration?
Whether you’re a natural optimist, we could all use positive thoughts throughout our day to lift our spirits and keep us going!

1. Get your body right Body health and mental health go hand in hand so looking after your physical well-being is paramount. Make sure you are eating right, exercising and also getting enough rest.

2. Spend time with your peeps Set aside time to spend loved ones and friends (clubbing doesn’t count). Too it’s easy to get caught up in work or the dramas of everyday life and carving out the extra time can seem impossible but I promise you it isn’t.

There is nothing better than being in the presence of those you love and love you back so sort it out! If a visit can’t be arranged then a call is just as good. I set aside one morning a week during my commute to work to call my grandmother on the phone which is lovely for both me and her because she gets to chat with her favorite granddaughter and I get to hear how proud she is of me J plus we never hang up without saying eye love you which is nice to hear before the start of a stressful work day.

3. Get a new perspective. If there is a specific problem or situation bringing you down, it can help to get advice from someone impartial - A fresh perspective helps you refocus on what’s important.
4. Exercise.  While the rewards of proper nutrition often take a while to come to the surface, exercise is instant gratification. When feeling down, getting up and being active may be far from your mind, but trust me it is always worth it. Even going on a walk or a quick jog will leave you feeling accomplished as well as improve your mood.

5. Keep it moving ….. Toward your goals. Many of us have goals that always get put off. These can be big or small i.e. pay off credit cards or even look for a new job, but if they’re important to you, you need to work toward them.
Next time you’re feeling down, try putting your energy into how you can achieve something that will take you a one step toward one of the goals you’ve had in the back of your mind. The progress will defiantly will inspire you to keep up the momentum.

6. Try something new! Being stick in a rut can suck .. so don’t get stuck in one.
It’s great to shake up your routine and experience new things weather it is going on holiday to a new destination or even trying out a different coffee or tea.

7. Treat yourself like the princess you are I’m not suggesting you go and empty your savings indulging you every whim but a little treat every never hurt right and will give you something to look forward to. Cheeky cocktail or a relaxing bubble bath is defiantly enough to raise my sprits half way through a stressful work day.

8. Reassess the energies you have around you have  someone around you that is constantly bringing you down, it’s fine to OK to take a break from them and branch out. It is important that you have positive personalities around you that encourage, inspire and nurture (And of course you should for the same for them).

9. Be thankful Awful things happen to good people everyday and no matter how bad or bleak your situation may seem I'm sure there is some one that would love to have your problems. Take the time to be count and be thankful for your blessings 

How do you boost your mood when all else fails?


nuNAAT Summer Hairstyling Challenge - Product Review

I recently decided to give my hair a break from protective styling so it was time to put some effort into my fro instead of my normal get up and go but I was ready.

Fashion Salutes Art Exhibition - Review

Following two successful fashion events Favotell recently showcased nine international fashion designers and one artist, during the Fashion Salutes Art exhibition which was held at the Woolff Gallery in central London

The organizers at Favotell did an amazing job of merging eastern and western creatives in this innovative and stylish event which showcased exciting global talent from all around the world including China, Cyprus and Italy.

Artists and brands exhibiting at the event included:


Pulse of Glory,


Pale Turquoise,

February First  
 and Guang-Yu Zhang.
Designers included Ewa Bednarska and L.Yunija
All designers used a range of innovative techniques and materials to represent an international community.

Fashion Salutes Art exhibition also introduced the use of Augmented Reality (AR), a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. On arrival visitors were able to download the AR app, which brought the designs to life and created moving images on screen, bridging the interaction between audience and artwork.

HulaFit with Blogosphere Magazine

When the opportunity to attend a HulaFit class in London with Blogosphere Magazine came my way I jumped at the chance as I following a lupus flare I had to scale back my activity for fear of causing damage to my joints and muscles and I was getting use to not being active, a fun class like HulaFit was just what I needed to ease myself bac in to some kind of fitness activity.

I had never heard of HulaFit before, but I had heard of people doing hula classes Hula, I have seen hula performers doing their thing in fancy nightclubs and I was also a bit handy with the hoop when I was in primary school, so I was super pumped to try put the class and I can’t lie I thought it would be more of a fun afternoon rather than a full on work out.
Boy was I wrong.
The instructor Anna introduced herself and I had a chat with the other bloggers and the guys from Blogosphere Magazine then it was time for the class to start.
We began with a quick tutorial of how to keep the hoop going around your waist, the tip is to clench your stomach muscles, and if the hoop starts to get two low you whine down low to bring it back up (I was very good at that).
Thankfully all of the attendees were beginners as I can get a bit competitive.
Once we clumsily got the hang of keeping the hoop up we got warmed up and prepared to get our hula on.

Now just because we were dealing with pretty coloured hoops doesn’t mean this was not a serious work out!
The HulaFit class consisted of REAL exercises routines like jumping over the hoops, squats, burpees!
The Hoops were even weighted so you got an extra work out and it made it easier to keep them up.
The atmosphere in the class was amazing!
Everyone was very encouraging and having a great time plus Anna’s music playlist was and energetic mix of old and new sexy tracks.
No doing to lie more than once I had to stop to catch my breath  and have some water but looking at Anna’s amazing figure left me determined to finish (IWOOT her figure)

As a class we learned a short routine on a smaller lighter hula-hoop which was then followed by a cool-down and stretch.
After the class I was drenched in sweat and actually felt like all my muscles were given a through work out, there was some an influence from her Personal trainer husband, Rowan.

I would definably like to do this class on a regular basis but unfortunately there aren’t any classes near me (I commuted from SE London to north London to attend this class) however HulaFit are always looking for instructors in different areas so …. (Fingers crossed)

To find your nearest HulaFit class Click Here
Thanks to HulaFit and Blogosphere Magazine for having me
Oh and photos from the class will be in the issue so Blogosphere Magazine so you can check out how much fun we had.

I Gots The Juice!! - Panasonic Slow Juicer

A sunny Sunday was the perfect opportunity to be surrounded by loved ones and Juice…
I was sent a Panasonic Slow Juicer from the lovely guys at Come Round to a party at home and really put it through its paces! If you follow me on Instagram or twitter you would know that I have been really into my smoothies so I was happy to try out juices.  I figured I would get the girls round we can make some juice get some alcohol involved and voila healthy cocktails right?
Panasonic Slow Juicer could also make frozen desserts, so me and my girlies were going to get this party started right.
As the time came closer we decided to move the party to my mums house (Well actually her garden) since the weather was going to be so nice.
What’s so good about the Panasonic Slow Juicer?  Well.. Instead of a fast spinning blade, the Panasonic Slow Juicer has a heavy stainless steel screw which rotates and presses the fruit and vegetables. You do need to chop up the fruit and vegetables before you feed them into the juicer.
I found the Panasonic slow juicer super easy to assemble and before you knew it we were ready to rock and roll juice style.

The fruits were prepped and the people were hot and thirsty.

Everyone came up with their own recipes and the person with the best tasting juice got bragging rights, Of course that was me! Well actually it was my goddaughter but anyways.
We attempted to change the attachments and make sorbets a few of which came out nice but as we were outside and it was quite warm the ingredient’s started to melt quite quickly so we went back to juices.
I was seriously impressed with how quiet the Panasonic Slow Juicer is but I found it to be a bit slow, or perhaps we were talking too much and not putting the fruit in fast enough. We did notice that when dealing with frozen fruit you have to let them defrost a little bit before putting them into the filling feed otherwise it takes ages to come out. .
Unfortunately the Malibu rum got involved pretty early so we didn’t take note of our recipes but we learnt the following things
Malibu makes everything right and there is such thing as too much ginger!
The Panasonic Slow Juicer was super simple, efficient and enjoyed using it.
Its defiantly not to fiddly to use in the mornings when I normally like to have my smoothies. Because the Panasonic Slow Juicer works more slowly than other juicers, you get a lot more goodness in your glass and less waste.
Although I was surprised about how much vegetables and fruit go into making just one glass of juice.
I have to mention how easy it is to disassemble and clean plus there is a little brush thingy to help with the hard to get areas.
The Panasonic Slow Juicer costs £199.99 and you can buy it on Amazon. Or the Panasonic's website.

Win a Palmer’s Beauty Gift Box

Hey guys

Isn’t it meant to be summer now?

What happened to the sun??

Oh and shout outs to my view of the lovely brick wall lol

Any ways on a brighter note…

The lovely people at Palmers have given me a wonderful box of Palmer’s range of exhilarating Coconut Oil products to gift to one of you lucky guys!!

So you can slather yourself in.....
Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Hand Cream 60g
Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Body Lotion 250ml
Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Body oil 150ml
Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Body Cream 125g
All infused with Tahitian Monoi Oil close your eyes and transport yourself back to warmer climates and with the smell of summer all around you.
To find out more about Palmer’s visit 
or follow Palmer’s on 
Twitter or Instagram - @PalmersUK.

A winner will be selected on Wednesday 8th June 2016 at 12pm

Good luck…

Hello Fresh Food Box Review

Firstly let me state I never said I was a domestic goddess!
Yes I can cook
But do I like to cook?

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Range Review

I was recently invited invited to the Palmer's #CoconutEscape event for the launch of their new beauty products that have been added to their coconut oil formula range.

The rooftop of the Ham Yard Hotel in London was transformed into a tropical paradise decorated with coconuts and vacation style decorations. I was treated to Rum punch and coconut-inspired nibbles while I checked the new products from the range.
Palmer's coconut oil formula is made with a nourishing combination of raw coconut oil, monoi oil and sweet almond oil which not only smells heavenly but is but for keeping skin radiant and healthy.

The collection consists of the following products:

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Body Cream - £5.00

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Body Oil - £7.00

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Body Lotion - £4.00

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Hand Cream - £2.40

My fave of which is the Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Body Oil because it is light weight and not too greasy plus you can put it in the bath.

I used it over the weekend on my nephew and it left him smelling do good I could have easily eaten him up!