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Isn't it time you declutter your wardrobe?

This is something I try to do on a regular basis but let’s face it it’s not the most exciting of household chores but there are some great benefits to taking on the task.

You’ll unveil things you probably haven’t seen in a while, reveal tops that have been hiding on hangers for months and have all the things you need to create style savvy new outfits as if you’ve just bought them from a shop. You will clear space in your wardrobe too (Cough a cough) get more clothes.

Sounds good right let’s get started
I like to use a clothing rail to separate the clothes I am defiantly getting rid of and the stuff I’m not sure about.
Anything I’m keeping obviously stays in the wardrobe.
This collapsible clothing rail cost me about £20 from Amazon and is great for when I’m going to the boot sale. When I’m not using it I simply take it apart and store it in a cupboard.
My first rule is if I haven’t worn it in over a year it can go – too often I am getting rid of stuff with tags on it but I know that if I haven’t worn it yet I probably never will so there is no need to keep it.
Does it still fit? - forget about waiting to gain or lose weight so you can wear it just let it go! And if you managed to stick to that New Year’s resolution diet well done you deserve a shopping spree!!
Does it look good on me? – You may want to get a second opinion from a friend here – clearing out your wardrobe is a great chance to reinvent your look so take advantage of it. You may think that that bodycon dress looks great on you but your GOOD friends may beg to differ.
Is it in good condition?- Lost buttons, faded from being washed to many times, rips snags. 
Most minor damage can be repaired by good dry cleaners but if can’t let it go
Winter woollies are bulky and take up a lot of space. I personally like to pack them away into boxes during the spring and summer months then get them back out in autumn,

I have found that investing in nonslip hangers has given a sense of uniformity to my wardrobe and browsing easier.
JML's flocked coat hangers are the business! They are nice and thin so you save a lot of space and the flocking prevents the clothing falling off.
They also come in a range colours and for £21 for 50 you really can’t go wrong!

What to do with unwanted garments?

Ebay it up 
Why not sell it online and make a bit of money? Take a photo of it on your smartphone and you can instantly upload it to one of the many online selling sites. Kerching!

Get car booting

Why not haul your booty to your local boot sale?

you get fresh air and exercise aw well as make some extra money
Check out my bootsale selling tips HERE
Give it to charity
If you are a Necter points collector you can collect extra Necter points when you donate items to Oxfam – check out the website for more info

If you don’t like it, don’t have it taking up space in your wardrobe!
there’s probably someone else out there who would love it, a friend or relative perhaps?

Share the love 

Don’t forget to spring clean your drawers as well!

How to make extra MONEY

I don’t think I have ever heard anyone say that I have way too much money
and I rarely hear anyone say that they have enough money so  I’m guessing an injection of cash is always welcomed especially if you’re not exactly living the lifestyle you want to.
Here are some creative ways you can make more money.

Sell your stuff
Seriously when was the last time you had a proper clean out?
Odds are you have soo much stuff you don’t need and aren’t using.  I know tend to hang on to things “just in case” I need them someday but never do. Now my rule of thumb is if I haven’t used it in a year it needs to go.
Sell it on eBay, gumtree or even go to your local boot sale to make a little extra cash.

Enhance your skills
If you want to start a change career or take your current career to the next level in order to, of course, get paid more than you should defiantly consider enhancing your current skills.  Job experience is a big part of negotiating your wage and getting paid what you’re worth, but so are skills and education.  Going back to education is a great way to make more money.

Turn something you love into a money-making opportunity
Do you love doing something in your spare time that could make you money?  If the answer is yes then why aren’t you?  Whether you like to spend your free time writing, making jewellery or whatever I’m sure there is a way to make it into a professional side hustle generate an income just think creatively.

Let people know what you can do
Talk about the services, I have a friend that is a teacher who was a short of money, now she tutors children in her spare time in order to get extra money. If you can sew offer your service to friends and relatives repairing and altering clothing.  Or if you are able to build websites…..
Don’t be shy to talk about your work and ask your neighbours, friends and family to spread the word about your skills. 
Get a part time job
Not the most creative solutions but a solution. If you have spare time of an evening or on the weekends why not get a part time job?  If you have experience in retail you could apply at your fave clothing shop or in your local supermarket so not only will you be getting more pocket money you will save money using your employee discount.

Become a secret shopper
There are loads of companies that offer secret shopper which means you basically get paid to shop! Ok, there is more to it than that, you shop in certain shops dine out in restaurants then evaluate the service you received and feed the information back to the company.

What’s your secret to making extra money?

9 steps towards a more positive you

Life isn’t easy, sometimes s##t happens and at times it can seem hard if not impossible to bounce back. Positive encouragement can come from anywhere friends, family even inspirational posts on Instagram but what do you personally do for yourself when you need an infusion of positivity and inspiration?
Whether you’re a natural optimist, we could all use positive thoughts throughout our day to lift our spirits and keep us going!

1. Get your body right Body health and mental health go hand in hand so looking after your physical well-being is paramount. Make sure you are eating right, exercising and also getting enough rest.

2. Spend time with your peeps Set aside time to spend loved ones and friends (clubbing doesn’t count). Too it’s easy to get caught up in work or the dramas of everyday life and carving out the extra time can seem impossible but I promise you it isn’t.

There is nothing better than being in the presence of those you love and love you back so sort it out! If a visit can’t be arranged then a call is just as good. I set aside one morning a week during my commute to work to call my grandmother on the phone which is lovely for both me and her because she gets to chat with her favorite granddaughter and I get to hear how proud she is of me J plus we never hang up without saying eye love you which is nice to hear before the start of a stressful work day.

3. Get a new perspective. If there is a specific problem or situation bringing you down, it can help to get advice from someone impartial - A fresh perspective helps you refocus on what’s important.
4. Exercise.  While the rewards of proper nutrition often take a while to come to the surface, exercise is instant gratification. When feeling down, getting up and being active may be far from your mind, but trust me it is always worth it. Even going on a walk or a quick jog will leave you feeling accomplished as well as improve your mood.

5. Keep it moving ….. Toward your goals. Many of us have goals that always get put off. These can be big or small i.e. pay off credit cards or even look for a new job, but if they’re important to you, you need to work toward them.
Next time you’re feeling down, try putting your energy into how you can achieve something that will take you a one step toward one of the goals you’ve had in the back of your mind. The progress will defiantly will inspire you to keep up the momentum.

6. Try something new! Being stick in a rut can suck .. so don’t get stuck in one.
It’s great to shake up your routine and experience new things weather it is going on holiday to a new destination or even trying out a different coffee or tea.

7. Treat yourself like the princess you are I’m not suggesting you go and empty your savings indulging you every whim but a little treat every never hurt right and will give you something to look forward to. Cheeky cocktail or a relaxing bubble bath is defiantly enough to raise my sprits half way through a stressful work day.

8. Reassess the energies you have around you have  someone around you that is constantly bringing you down, it’s fine to OK to take a break from them and branch out. It is important that you have positive personalities around you that encourage, inspire and nurture (And of course you should for the same for them).

9. Be thankful Awful things happen to good people everyday and no matter how bad or bleak your situation may seem I'm sure there is some one that would love to have your problems. Take the time to be count and be thankful for your blessings 

How do you boost your mood when all else fails?


Some Paint, Some Tape, Some Elbow Grease & A New Kitchen

Happy Monday!

Right now I am tired, cranky and mourning my weekend but at the same time, I am super proud of myself because finally painted my kitchen cupboards and they look absolutely amazing!
I have wanted to give my Kitchen a makeover since I moved in last year but it seemed too time-consuming and expensive so I kept putting it off with the intention of saving to have a new kitchen installed, but let’s keep it real I didn’t save anything in my new kitchen fund.

Over the last few weeks I binged watch DIY videos on Youtube trying to find ways to get the job done quickly and effectively and but a lot of the processes involved taking off the cupboards cleaning them, sanding them down then using a primer waiting for it to dry, one or two coats of paint and you have to wait for that to dry between each layer and finally a top coat, let that dry, attach all of the handles to the doors and draws then rehang.

I’m sorry I don’t have time for all that.
While having a moan about my crappy cupboards to my boss who advised me to look into something called One Coat Cupboard and Melamine paint (I didn’t even know my cupboards were melamine) then my outlook suddenly looked a lot brighter.

The following day went down to B&Q to get what I needed to transform my kitchen.

Materials Used:
Ronseal One Coat Cupboard and Melamine paint in Grey Satin x2
Foam rollers
Paint brushes
Masking tape
Dust sheets

I started to remove the hardware (Door handles) from the cupboards and draws (Well actually I removed one) and then I changed my mind and covered them with masking tape.

I also decided NOT to remove the cupboard doors or paint the interior of the cupboards (but I may do it at a later time) this saved me the hassle of having to pack up my entire kitchen. 

I wiped down the cupboards, doors and drawers to remove any dirt and grime and when everything was dry I used the masking tape to cover the walls and places that I did not want to accidently get covered in paint but I didn’t really bother using the dust cloths everywhere I just used  it under the roller tray and the paint tin.

A brush was used to cut and get into tricky areas such as the corners, and then I used a roller everywhere else.

My kitchen is not that big so I was able to get it all done in about 5-6 hours and use just over one can of paint (I still have loads left over in the 2nd can which I am going to save for touch ups and other DIY projects) however I still need to paint the kickboards and do some touch ups here and there.

I am so thrilled to have found Ronseal One Coat Cupboard and Melamine paint because it has given me the kitchen of my dreams without breaking the bank or my back. 

What do you think? 

Have you thought about painting your own kitchen cupboard using DIY methods?  


5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Alone At Least Once in Your Life

I’m not going to lie the idea of going on holiday alone petrified me.
Images of me lost in a city alone or even worse getting kidnapped or robbed by the crazy natives. I also often of being billy no mates by the pool with no one to talk to. 
Last year after a purchasing my flat (Most stressful thing I have ever done) and getting over a Lupus flair I was sitting in my office stressed and tired and suddenly decided …..”I’m going on holiday!”
I didn’t want to wait for friends to agree to go and then back out or quibble about dates and locations I just wanted to go. By 5.30pm that day I had booked my flight, my accommodation and my airport transfers and it was one of the best things I have ever done. My plan was to have a break to rest, but I had no idea that this single, spontaneous action would have such a therapeutic effect on not only my health but my mental wellbeing. That old saying is true Travel is good for your soul and is something that really allows you to grow on the inside out But why go it alone? Here are a few reasons:

1. You can go at your own pace
Imagine how freeing it would be to go at your pace? Eat when you want sleep when you want go down to the pool when you want if you feel like it stay in bed all day eating room service go site seeing or just sit in the hotel lobby you can do it if you want to without convenience anyone, having to ask permission or compromise with anyone.
Traveling alone affords you to freedom to be random, go out on adventures or go nowhere turn at without having to worry about anyone else. Take all the time in the world to really immerse yourself in the country you have chosen to visit or soak up the rays by the pool (Or even get wasted at the bar) Guess what it’s totally up to you.

2. It Builds confidence
Travelling solo catapults you out of your comfort zone, which will makes you uncomfortable and essentially builds your confidence levels. Take full advantage of the opportunity to build on communication skills and widen your social by approaching and connecting with people you don’t know. I promise it get easier with time just keep telling yourself if you make a fool out of yourself you will never see them again.

3. You become more decisive
It’s now your time to be a shot caller because everything is up to you, you’re forced to make quick decisions when you’re alone because there’s no one else to bounce ideas off of. Places you go out to eat, take a cab, ride the metro, or walk. It’s all on you Decision-making and having faith in your choices is truly a key skill you establish whenever solo and also something that you can take back to your everyday life.

4. It clears your mind
Being away from everyday life temporally frees you mentally from a of those bills, work and family obligations. Being away from it gives you a chance to really explore your thoughts as distraction really resets your mind. It affords you time to reflect on your routines, your goals, and habits. What can you do differently and how can you improve your quality of life? I agree that travelling alone defiantly isn’t for everyone, but I have come up with five reasons why I believe everyone should travel to a foreign destination on their own, at least once.

5. You become truly independent
It’s scary, but at the same time it is a valuable opportunity to be empowered. We are all born a dependent, and that comfort can come from many different people or things usually someone or something else that you allowed yourself to become dependent on. Your boyfriend, your best friend or even that special chair that makes you feel safe. Away from those thing and people you can explore your true independence.

6. Meet new  people.
Honestly you’re not going to speak to random person by the pool when you are sitting with your bestie or your boyfriend talking about what is probably going on home or where you should go for dinner. I met so many wonderful people on my holiday a few of which I am still in contact with. When I would go to the dinner hall random people noticed I was by myself and would invite me to sit with them and I always had dinner plans for the evening with someone I met by the pool.

7. Do what you want, on your own time
Spend the morning sitting with your feet in the pool reading a book or checking Instagram because you find it relaxing. Or check out the local markets and shopping areas. Traveling solo means you’re free to do whatever it is that you want. Create an itinerary that suits you. Traveling with others can be extremely stressful at times because everyone a different set expectation about what they want to get out of the holiday.. What if your friend wants to party every night but you had already decided that you were done clubbing? When you travel alone, the only persons good time that you are responsible is your own. You’re allowed to be selfish, and you don’t have to apologize to anyone for it. 8. Find yourself. Find your centre and take the time to discover what it is that truly makes you happy. Soul search ad truly ask yourself “Ami happy where I am and where do I want to go?” you will be surprised what you learn about yourself.

Would you ever travel alone?

Advice for me in my 20s

I don’t do regrets because I feel that I have learned from the mistakes in my life but if I had the opportunity to spit some game to my 20 year old self here are some pearls of wisdom I would like to share.

Credit cards aren’t free money!

Unfortunately in my twenty’s I was a little bit reckless with my finances in fact I was I was a down right daredevil! Living a lifestyle I could not afford. It took me many years and sacrifice to clean up my credit and I am proud of myself for doing so but it would have been nice for someone to pull me the side and really let me know what the repercussions of my actions would be and the impact they would have on my future

What other people say or think about you really DOESN’T matter
If only I could take back or even better get paid for all the time and energy that has been into people and situations that really don’t matter. Not only was a victim of this type of action I was also a perpetrator of it, discussing peoples lifestyles, banks balances , clothing and personal life’s then having the audacity to be angry if I found out that other people were doing the same things to me.
It all had to stop and I have to say it has been refreshing. I don’t talk about you and if you feel like you need to talk about me that’s fine I guess because I’m way too busy to think about it.

Don’t be in a rush to “grow up”
While talking to my younger cousin she told me that she couldn’t wait to graduate from university and I told her that she should enjoy this time when she has freedom and no bills to pay Your parents… enjoy being young as long as you can! It is so important to get out and live life, have adventures and just enjoy being young. You will never again be as young as you are right now. This truth will continue to apply as you get older. So stop looking to the past or the future and just enjoy the now

Be open to change
I have changed mind about things I wanted, things I hated things I loved and things I didn’t care about  so many times over the past decade,  My career path changed and will probably change again. Life is also subject to changes that you cannot control. When I was diagnosed with Lupus within a year my entire life changed, my looks my mobility and my lifestyle. I resisted change for so long and got wrapped up in making my initial plans work. I refused to stop and re-evaluate. The truth was, when I stopped resisting, became more flexible and allowed myself to accept my situation and work out the best way to deal with it  I was able to revaluate my short term and long term goals so that they are more attainable.

Think for yourself and form your own opinions
We are bombarded with manipulative messages day in and day out. We are given half-truths, exaggerations and misinformation. We must wade through these claims and decide for ourselves what to believe and what is worth our time and energy. We do not need to immerse our minds in a constant barrage of B.S. We can choose to be aware of things that are important to us, find sources that are reliable and trustworthy and shield our attention from the things that are draining.

Accept flaws (yours and others) and learn from them
I strived for perfection of myself for most of my early 20s. This was huge a struggle because hello! , no nobody is perfect. I had to learn how to accept my flaws and stop comparing myself to others perceived perfections.  It is healthier to strive to improve on a daily basis and consistently look for ways to personally develop both my strengths and weaknesses so I will always have reason to be proud of myself

Be kind to yourself
My 20’s were full of unkind thoughts and unrealistic expectations which lead to major insecurity masked with makeup, hair weaves and clothes I couldn’t afford. This is still something I am working on now but if I had  I had worked on just being loving myself better in my 20’s I would be much further along in my 30’s. Be your biggest fan, your best friend and supporter you have to believe in yourself when no one else will and be able to pick yourself u when you are down. If you respect yourself and know what you deserve, others will sense that and treat you in kind.

Try new things, even if you’re not good at them
When I look back to my early 20s in particular, I avoided a lot of things out of fear of not being good enough. What I now realize is that it’s okay to not be good at something. It’s okay to ask for help and to admit that you don’t know everything. In fact, that’s how you’ll learn and grow the most. Plus, people will actually respect you more than if you were pretending to have it all figured out.

Meet new people
I socialised and met new people often but it was within certain circle, we all went to the same clubs or events. It wasn’t until I started to travel more and advance in my career that I started to branch out and make friendships that were based on more than shopping, raving and gossiping. Many of my old friends still move in those circles they felt that they didn’t need or want any more people in their circle and I now see how it has stunted their social and professional progression.  It is so important to continue to meet new people, both for networking and for personal reasons. The act of meeting new people introduces you to new ideas and activities, keeping your mind young. Not to mention, you never know when you or other members of your circle will end up leaving. It helps to have several circles that you are a part of.

Be selective of who you spend your time with
Time waits for no man or woman and you shore as hell can get it back so please do not waste it on people that do not deserve it. Be selective about who you spend your valuable time with. As you get older, your circle will get smaller as you find that some of the people you found to be interesting are not so interesting. This is a part of growing up just make sure to appreciate the friends you do enjoy spending time with.

Let your loved ones know you appreciate them
Tell loved ones how you feel about them every chance you get. My grandfather passed a few years ago and I realised that I knew hardly anything about his life. I now make sure I let my loved ones and friends know that I love them and appreciated them and the things they do for me and to let them know that I am there for them.. Don’t ever pass up an opportunity to share your love.

Never stop learning
It is important for you to keep your mind active. Never stop pursuing new knowledge in the areas that interest you. It will also give you interesting things to talk about so that you are not the boring person everyone runs away from at networking events and parties.

Understand that success can be defined differently for different people
For some success is to excel in their chosen career  and get paid lots of money, for others it may be traveling the world, owning a home and caring for their children while still others will feel they have achieved their goals when they launch their own business. It is important to know how you define success. What will make you feel most proud and accomplished? Don’t worry about anyone else’s interpretation of success. They are not the one’s living with it day in and day out.

Enjoy your time alone

You will reach a point where having time alone will be a rare treat, whether it be because of children, a partner or your job. Treasure those precious moments you have to be alone and enjoy your own company. Enjoy the solitude and use it as a time to pursue your hobbies or to get to know yourself better.

Eat better
I was the Mc Donald’s drive through queen in my early 20’s, a decision I have now come to regret. Yes I could eat anything I wanted and my metabolism at the time was super-fast and I was very active so it didn’t have an immediate impact on me; however, I became accustomed to high calorie and nutrient deficient foods. It has taken a lot of hard work and willpower to reach a point where I don’t crave fast foods, sweets and unhealthy fried foods… well I’m trying to get there.

Fall in love with fitness

When I was young I avoided the gym like the plague! Now I wish I had the discipline. I encourage you to experiment with different forms of exercise or play, and fall in love with a couple different forms of physical activity. This will keep you healthy well into your 30s and 40s and will make a huge difference in your overall quality of life.

Travel, travel, travel

Go places. See things. Explore. 
Do it now and as often as you can. 
Traveling is an amazing way to expand your mind, learn new things, meet interesting people and open yourself up to new perspectives.

Enjoy your 20’s! 
Try new things, make mistakes, takes risks fall in and out of love and get to know yourself. Try to save some money and stop smoking.

Oh and 30 is the new twenty so technically you’re a teenager.

3 Little Buttons

Fashion Salutes Art Exhibition - Review

Following two successful fashion events Favotell recently showcased nine international fashion designers and one artist, during the Fashion Salutes Art exhibition which was held at the Woolff Gallery in central London

The organizers at Favotell did an amazing job of merging eastern and western creatives in this innovative and stylish event which showcased exciting global talent from all around the world including China, Cyprus and Italy.

Artists and brands exhibiting at the event included:


Pulse of Glory,


Pale Turquoise,

February First  
 and Guang-Yu Zhang.
Designers included Ewa Bednarska and L.Yunija
All designers used a range of innovative techniques and materials to represent an international community.

Fashion Salutes Art exhibition also introduced the use of Augmented Reality (AR), a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. On arrival visitors were able to download the AR app, which brought the designs to life and created moving images on screen, bridging the interaction between audience and artwork.

Wash away tension and soak your way to relaxation

A long soak is defiantly one of my small pleasures in life but did you know that there are some amazing health benefits to what some consider an unproductive indulgent act.

1.It improves your blood circulation
Soaking the body in hot water to the neck exercises your blood vessels. This is because water creates physical pressure on the body and so increases the capacity of your heart. In other words, when we're inside the water, the heart works faster and stronger.

2.Helping you to fall asleep
Hot water relaxes the body and better prepares you for falling asleep. The hot water increases the body temperature and relaxes the muscle which not only soothes us physically, but also mentally, and many of us need that peace of mind at the end of the day.

3. Staying in shape
Over-stretched Muscles, small sports injuries and joint pain can be relieved with a hot bath.

4.Cleaning the skin
Ok shower lovers Yes a shower is cleaner than a bath, but a good soak in hot water after a shower can open up the pores in your skin, then the water can get in and do a more intensive job of cleaning out  some of the dirt and toxins. This can result in fresher and cleaner skin.

5. Feeling better about ourselves
Life is stressful people, throughout the day we have many conversations and wear many hats and juggle a number of tasks, a hot bath will not only provide you with the time you need to download all those thoughts and feelings from the day. But can think about you! How do you feel, what do you want and how are you going to get it.

Potentially this could be the only time you get to simply focus
on yourself so get sexy with it!
Here are a few tips...

Mood lighting
Candles can provide intimate lighting to make you forget the world and your worries plus turning off the lights is less strain for the eyes.

Relaxing Music
Find some of your favorite music to play. Playing relaxing music while you soak is a great way to transport you from your bathroom to spa-like oasis.

Product placement
The right bath products can definable take your experience to the next level so spoil yourself. If you can avoid artificial perfumes and fragrances as they do not provide the same relaxing experience as natural products. Try out a variety of oils, bath salts, essences and bubble-baths to find the key to your temporary bliss.

Don’t forget to get clean
When you have finished relaxing, use a flannel to wash yourself all over.

You could also try Dry Brushing before your bath to make your skin feel super soft and smooth. (There are also some great health benefits to body brushing) Look for a brush with soft natural, short bristles.

One you are relaxed and clean get out the bath an envelope yourself in a warm fluffy towel before blotting dry.

Seal in the moisture by applying your favorite body lotion or moisturizer. Coconut oil smells lovely, is super nourishing and will leaving your skin feeling silky and soft. Plus it is affordable, widely available.

Keep relaxing momentum going with warm cup of fruit or herbal tea. If tea isn't for you, have a hot drink that has no caffeine in it.

Now hop into bed for an early night, just read a book or watch a film. Do anything that is relaxing to you.

What are your tips for a relaxing bath?

Joyful Homemaking

NutriBuddy Weight Loss Starter Kit - My Results after 14 days

You may remember a couple weeks ago I decided to kick start my healthy diet with Nutribuddy. Well it’s been just over 14 days so I figure I should update you guys with my results but first let me refresh your memory a little.
Nutribuddy Weight Loss Starter Kit comprised of the following:

Nutribuddy Sculpting Whey 
a whey protein based shake that can be taken as either a meal or snack replacement.

Nutribuddy Hunger Fix Tablets
This takes up space in your stomach to keep you feeling fuller for longer thus suppressing your appetite.

Nutribuddy Multivitamins 
General multi vitamins for wellbeing.

Every morning I took 1 multi vitamin and you take one or two the hunger fix tablets least an hour before meals to help suppress your appetite.
I would then have sculpting whey shake blended with various fruits and vegetables as a meal replacement for breakfast and lunch then I would have a light dinner that I had prepared in advance and froze. 
(That is a saucer by the way)
The pack I was supplied with is a 14 day supply and costs £24.99. With this you get a free shaker and weight loss booklet for tips and meal ideas.

If you follow my Instagram you may have seen the different ways I was enjoying my shake/smoothies. You can mix the shake with milk or water but I choose to have smoothies because I am trying to increase my fruit and veg intake.
To aid my weight loss I planned on increasing my movement (Unfortunately my doctor would not sign me of to start exercising again) and also making sure I drank at least three litres of water a day


This is the first time I had every gone on any kind of structured diet and I have to say it wasn’t too hard to stick to. The shakes were quite filling so I found that I didn’t feel the need to take the Hunger Fix Tablets to keep the belly grumbles away.

Within the first week I noticed that I had lost about 4lb which was excellent! 
This motivated me to keep on with the diet, but I’m not going to lie there was some hard times and I did have some slips-ups, like the day my colleagues decided that we need to have KFC to celebrate one of their birthdays! 
With talks of Big Daddy meals floating about the office I my will was broken so I compromised and ordered three hot wings so I wouldn’t feel left out, but even that was hard once the office was filled with the delicious smell of southern fried chicken and I was left sipping my smoothie which I had forgotten to put in the fridge L

Oh and can I mention that in the two weeks about four people had birthdays which always results in cake!

Results wise I didn’t really have any expectations! I just wanted to see results which I did!

This worked for me with I have to say minimal effort, I think the trick is to plan your meals so you don’t end up rushing and being tempted to have unhealthy connivance food and snacks. 
I personally think I would have benefited from this further, if I was doing more physical activity but I have to do what the doctor says. I am now signed off to start exercising again so I’m planning to continue the diet for another two weeks in order to get closer to my target weight I had results, not the massive ones I would have liked but results none the less.
I would recommend doing this alongside a gym routine and healthy eating plan to gain maximum benefits from this Nutribuddy.

The shake by them self actually enjoyable and I must say that I was able to adopt to the plan with minimal fuss but as a single person living alone it did mean less cooking and shopping for me it would probably be harder if I had to sit across from a partner or a family every day and watch them eat while I sipped a shake.
The hunger fix tablets do help with controlling your appetite (When I remembered to take them)
I only wish I took body measurements before I started the diet .

At the start of the diet I weighed:
13 stone 5 in kg
I now weigh
12 stone 12 in kg

Just over a stone to go for my target weight of 11 stone 5 in kg

Here is the link to the Nutribuddy website if you would like to try it out your self

What are your thoughts on using systems like this to lose weight and have you tried any?

*Disclaimer: I was gifted a Nutribuddy system to test out and write about my results. All  thoughts and opinions are my own honest feeling based on my personal experiences*