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Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag Review

As the last few months have been somewhat emotional and stressful (My manager called me out for using this as an excuse for my last few purchases which included my LV Key holder and my Car lol) so I wanted to treat myself again YOLO

I have never really been too fussed about buying pieces from luxury designers, yes I have owned a few pieces here and there but I have never really coveted a designer item until recently.

Until this year the only LV items I had owned were a purse theta my mum brought me on my 21st (that I lost) and a Key clay that I tricked my parents into buying for me while we were in Hong Kong which I used as a cardholder until it fell apart.

Last month I dipped my toe into LV ownership when I purchased the LV Key Holder to celebrate finally buying a new car. This was my first time seeing the LV  Neverfull with the hot pink lining! HOT PINK!

Well now I am going to have to seriously think about this because it is obviously meant to happen
After that I became obsessed! Reading blogs, watching reviews and unboxings on YouTube. As far as I was concerned I have to have that bag.
The plan was to wait until my birthday but after a practically stressful week I thought to fuck it and a work event in London was the perfect excuse to swing into Selfridges to make my purchase.

For those who don't know...

Introduced in 2007, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull quickly became one of LV's most successful bags.
Though of by most as the type of bag that will never go out of style and can be worn throughout any trend or season and is available in three different sizes: PM (small), MM (medium) and GM (large)
I now own the GM which I think is fine for me as I am quite tall (I'm 5'9 for reference). The only problem I foresee is that when I have a large bag I tend to find unnecessary things to put in it lol!

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull comes in four different colours/patterns. Mine is the Monogram Canvas with the “Pivoine” Hot Pink interior – Anyone that knows I adore pink so this was the perfect option for me. the bag is also available with a beige or cherry coloured interior.

Then you have: Damier Azur Canvas which is available with a Beige or Rose ballerina lining
Damier Ebene Canvas which is available with a Cherry or Rose ballerina lining
Epi Leather this is actually leather hence the higher price point and is available in a number of colours and finishes.

Other than the Epi Leather style the Louis Vuitton Neverfull bags are made from a coated canvas exterior (no it is not leather) have a textile lined interior and a natural cowhide leather trim. There is one zippered interior pocket as well as a removable zippered wristlet which could also double up as a clutch - one of my favourite features of the bag as it like having two bags in one!
The shape of the Neverfull is very loose and the sides aren't rigid, which means the bag easily conforms to anything you need to add inside. It's incredibly well-made and can withstand decades of use. I did purchase a bag shaper as the bottom of the bag is very soft and I wanted to make sure that it did not become misshapen

With the hefty price tag of £965 I have had my fair share of buyers remorse as well as criticism from well-meaning friends and family but YOLO right?

Either way, I will have bills to pay.

Would you spend so much on a bag?

Tips For Stress-free Shopping

In my youth I loved shopping and spending the day hitting the shops in the west end or at Bluewater was my idea of heaven.

Ahh the days when I had NO bills


I went to Vegas a few years ago with an ex-boyfriend and even though we had an amazing time I always said that I wanted to go back with my girls and do Vegas properly!

Inspired and the amazing hotels in Las Vegas 
been imagining the ultimate girly holiday and of course I think about the perfect outfit

 I wanted to include the glitz and glamour of Vegas I had to pay homage to the Hangover movie!

Two words # squadgoals

Can we talk bout the Wolfpack?
The scene when the characters make their way to the casino looking suited, booted and fresh to death (Well three of them did lol!)  made you know it was about to go down.

I am using the character Phil’s all black erthing outfit for my Vegas style inspiration but I am jazzing it up with a bit of Vegas inspired frosting bling bling baby!
fully does the trick
Now for a bit of frosting

This Crisp Packet clutch bag from Anya Hindmarch £995.00 is everything!!

These Annie sandals from Giuseppe Zanotti £450

And last but not least this RYAN STORER Swarovski crystal ear cuff and stud earring from Net-A-Porter finishes off the outfit perfectly!
Once I’m ready to hit the strip I would want to go for a night out at the Palms Casino Resort, because I loved the casinos and of course the nightclubs

Wanna run to Vegas with your own wolfpack?

With the help of you can plan the ultimate Vegas trip with the best deals on hotels and have a good time!

Comment below to let me know what you think of the look and what your Vegas inspired outfit would be.

Jean Pierre Braganza London Fashion Week A/W14

I really regret missing this show as I bet it looks do dramatic inside the tents.

Predominately  black and dark hues I initially thought 80’s power dressing meets biker chic
 but there was defiantly a lot more to this collection. 
I loved the oversized shapes and exaggerated sleeves.
 Graphic prints
brocades and leather 
were cleverly put together resulting in a very wearable collection. 

Bora Aksu London Fashion Week A/W14

The rain was pouring the line was around the corner and I admitted defeat and retreated to the Felicities press lounge in the ME hotel which smelt amazing by the way.
I must say that Bora Aksu collection is defiantly one that I tend to look forward to as he always manages to marry the most interesting concepts, shapes and colours. 
His A/W14 offering which is inspired by his mother, Birsen, and her letters from boarding school. 
In my opinion seem to be a marriage of the strict uniformed society you would have learned to live with in a boarding school and his individual style and culture represented with the collars and skirts. 
Blacks and midnight blues provide formal and structured, with hints of reds and mustard.
 I also find the shapes to be quite folksy with puffed sleeves, belted waists and bagged shorts helping to break the uniformity.
Oh yeah and I love the way the braids are looped around the models heads 
Wonder if I can pull it off

Superdry London Collections: Men Review

For the 2nd year uber cool brand Superdry previewed  there AW14 collection during London Collections: Men The London Sorting Office played host to the “event” and catwalk show.

The top floor of the massive venue was separated in to two parts the catwalk area and also a mingling area compete with leather chairs, large bar and a DJ booth.

I was amazed by how many people came out to see the event and also stayed around for the after party which was hosted by DJ and British Fashion Council Menswear Ambassador Nick Grimshaw.

Showcasing both the men’s and women’s AW14 collections (including the Timothy Everest collaboration) a rand of trendy looks went down the catwalk ranging from leather and print to military classics with bold twists.
I also noticed that a lot of the attendees were flaunting their Superdry wears.

Despite being kept waiting outside for some time (Kind of my thought for showing up late) and having to tip toe to see the show I did enjoy myself at the event as I sipped Mojitos and snacked on mini hotdogs, hamburgers and sticky toffee pudding and even had a little boogie.

My only really complaint is that I missed Samuel L Jackson who was seated front row (Because I love him!)

 Check out some of the look from the show 

Isabel Marant H&M collaboration Shopping Event Review

Sometimes you really have to see something to believe it.

I had been waiting for weeks to attend the Isabel Marant for H&M event.

I arrived Silver ticket in hand ready to treat myself and all see what the big deal was.
I was aware that people had already selling some of the pieces on eBay before the collection was launched for three times what it it was worth!

So again I wanted to see what the big deal was.
I had looked one the website to get a look at the collection beforehand and saw a few pieces that I liked but probably shouldn’t buy with Christmas right around the corner.

Upon arrival I managed to make friends with some well-dressed ladies who seemed to have some clout because after declaring to them that I was with their crew as soon as the doors were open we were swept inside. No queuing
Thanks Ladies!

Inside was pandemonium that it took 

me a few minutes to get my baring’s and by then everything was sold out lol!

I was a bit disapointed but the drinks and treats on offer helped to cheer me up 

As did the goodie bags which contained lovely silk scarves 

Not gonna apologise for this review being a week late because it is super cold and when it is cold I go straight to bed after work lol!