25 February 2019

Manifesting My Life's Desires Through A Vision Board

So after a sleepless (night thank you steroids) I manage to clean the house from top to bottom and of course, get my Zoflora on.
 I then decided to be a good idea to make a vision board! At bloody 3.45am! 

Ok, Lee-Anne get the scissors. 

 I initially had planned to make a Vision board on New Years eve but unfortunately, life happened and I wasn't able to.
 I was then was waiting for the right time which apparently is dumb o'clock on a Tuesday morning. 
 Creating a vision board reminded me of when I would make mood boards while studying at college and university, my mum and my stepdad would say I was just in my room cutting up paper and laugh at me. 
 But hey what do they know about creativity? 
Nothing and I was ready to get creative. 

 Contrary to popular beleif creating a Vision Board is more than sticking pictures to a board. It's great a way of taking time for yourself to get really clear idea of what you want in your life, family and business, so sell it to yourself and allow the magic of manifestation to work in your life. 
 For instance, when I created my Vision Board earlier this week, I focused on where I want to be emotionally and creatively, and while I know it’s only been a few days since I completed it every time I look at my Vison Board I do feel inspired. 

 I had been looking at vision boards on Pinterest and Instagram for ispiration and I straightaway knew I didnt want to go for the conventional white background with some images and words. 
 I wanted tones textures and to inspire and motivate. 
 I'm not asking a lot, am I?
 It was important that my vision board be a representation of me and also fit in with the decor in my flat as so many people told me that after they made their vision boards there shoved in a wardrobe or behind a sofa never to be seen again. 
 I was determined for this not to happen so I opted to use a large silver frame to house my Vision board so then I could could hang it on the wall in my bedroom.

I understand that some people feel that Vision board should be private and that's fine for them however I just feel that having mine out in the open is more beneficial to me.

Even though I was adimant that I didnt want my Vison board to have a white back ground and I knew I wanted it housed in a frame which would be on show in my home I was quite open minded about the overall look and was happy to simply follow my creativity and  I am very happy wuth the way it turned out. 
 The feeling behind my Vison Board was my emotional and mental well-being as last year was an insane for me, my mother had passed my nephew was in the placed in the care system, I was going to court to be able to have him come and live with me there was crazy family squabbles regarding my mothers will
 Breathe Lee-Anne.......... 
 There was a lot going on.

This is why for 2019 I wanted (still want lol) to mentally and emotionally be in a place of CALM
 I the word I have avtually been using is boring!
 I just want things to be boring with a bit of fun no drama anyways back to the, vision board happiness wellness and optimism are empasised a lot and hopfully it will manifest in to my life. 
 I also hope this post inspires you to create your own Vison board if you haven't already. 

 I am actually in the process of trying to rope my friends into coming round so that we can have a vision board party,   I'm so looking forward to drinking some wine and talking about our goals insprations and motivations.
Watch this space because I havent given up yet. 

 Have you created a Vison Board and if not would you? 
 comment below

Lee-Anne x 

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sam said...

I love a good visual board, I find it really gets me motivated to come with ideas and goals x #dreamteam

Jaki Jelley said...

I've never done a vision board but I can see why they would be so good! Thanks for joining us - #TriumphantTales

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