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Fashion Salutes Art Exhibition - Review

Following two successful fashion events Favotell recently showcased nine international fashion designers and one artist, during the Fashion Salutes Art exhibition which was held at the Woolff Gallery in central London

The organizers at Favotell did an amazing job of merging eastern and western creatives in this innovative and stylish event which showcased exciting global talent from all around the world including China, Cyprus and Italy.

Artists and brands exhibiting at the event included:


Pulse of Glory,


Pale Turquoise,

February First  
 and Guang-Yu Zhang.
Designers included Ewa Bednarska and L.Yunija
All designers used a range of innovative techniques and materials to represent an international community.

Fashion Salutes Art exhibition also introduced the use of Augmented Reality (AR), a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. On arrival visitors were able to download the AR app, which brought the designs to life and created moving images on screen, bridging the interaction between audience and artwork.

Wash away tension and soak your way to relaxation

A long soak is defiantly one of my small pleasures in life but did you know that there are some amazing health benefits to what some consider an unproductive indulgent act.

1.It improves your blood circulation
Soaking the body in hot water to the neck exercises your blood vessels. This is because water creates physical pressure on the body and so increases the capacity of your heart. In other words, when we're inside the water, the heart works faster and stronger.

2.Helping you to fall asleep
Hot water relaxes the body and better prepares you for falling asleep. The hot water increases the body temperature and relaxes the muscle which not only soothes us physically, but also mentally, and many of us need that peace of mind at the end of the day.

3. Staying in shape
Over-stretched Muscles, small sports injuries and joint pain can be relieved with a hot bath.

4.Cleaning the skin
Ok shower lovers Yes a shower is cleaner than a bath, but a good soak in hot water after a shower can open up the pores in your skin, then the water can get in and do a more intensive job of cleaning out  some of the dirt and toxins. This can result in fresher and cleaner skin.

5. Feeling better about ourselves
Life is stressful people, throughout the day we have many conversations and wear many hats and juggle a number of tasks, a hot bath will not only provide you with the time you need to download all those thoughts and feelings from the day. But can think about you! How do you feel, what do you want and how are you going to get it.

Potentially this could be the only time you get to simply focus
on yourself so get sexy with it!
Here are a few tips...

Mood lighting
Candles can provide intimate lighting to make you forget the world and your worries plus turning off the lights is less strain for the eyes.

Relaxing Music
Find some of your favorite music to play. Playing relaxing music while you soak is a great way to transport you from your bathroom to spa-like oasis.

Product placement
The right bath products can definable take your experience to the next level so spoil yourself. If you can avoid artificial perfumes and fragrances as they do not provide the same relaxing experience as natural products. Try out a variety of oils, bath salts, essences and bubble-baths to find the key to your temporary bliss.

Don’t forget to get clean
When you have finished relaxing, use a flannel to wash yourself all over.

You could also try Dry Brushing before your bath to make your skin feel super soft and smooth. (There are also some great health benefits to body brushing) Look for a brush with soft natural, short bristles.

One you are relaxed and clean get out the bath an envelope yourself in a warm fluffy towel before blotting dry.

Seal in the moisture by applying your favorite body lotion or moisturizer. Coconut oil smells lovely, is super nourishing and will leaving your skin feeling silky and soft. Plus it is affordable, widely available.

Keep relaxing momentum going with warm cup of fruit or herbal tea. If tea isn't for you, have a hot drink that has no caffeine in it.

Now hop into bed for an early night, just read a book or watch a film. Do anything that is relaxing to you.

What are your tips for a relaxing bath?

Joyful Homemaking

NutriBuddy Weight Loss Starter Kit - My Results after 14 days

You may remember a couple weeks ago I decided to kick start my healthy diet with Nutribuddy. Well it’s been just over 14 days so I figure I should update you guys with my results but first let me refresh your memory a little.
Nutribuddy Weight Loss Starter Kit comprised of the following:

Nutribuddy Sculpting Whey 
a whey protein based shake that can be taken as either a meal or snack replacement.

Nutribuddy Hunger Fix Tablets
This takes up space in your stomach to keep you feeling fuller for longer thus suppressing your appetite.

Nutribuddy Multivitamins 
General multi vitamins for wellbeing.

Every morning I took 1 multi vitamin and you take one or two the hunger fix tablets least an hour before meals to help suppress your appetite.
I would then have sculpting whey shake blended with various fruits and vegetables as a meal replacement for breakfast and lunch then I would have a light dinner that I had prepared in advance and froze. 
(That is a saucer by the way)
The pack I was supplied with is a 14 day supply and costs £24.99. With this you get a free shaker and weight loss booklet for tips and meal ideas.

If you follow my Instagram you may have seen the different ways I was enjoying my shake/smoothies. You can mix the shake with milk or water but I choose to have smoothies because I am trying to increase my fruit and veg intake.
To aid my weight loss I planned on increasing my movement (Unfortunately my doctor would not sign me of to start exercising again) and also making sure I drank at least three litres of water a day


This is the first time I had every gone on any kind of structured diet and I have to say it wasn’t too hard to stick to. The shakes were quite filling so I found that I didn’t feel the need to take the Hunger Fix Tablets to keep the belly grumbles away.

Within the first week I noticed that I had lost about 4lb which was excellent! 
This motivated me to keep on with the diet, but I’m not going to lie there was some hard times and I did have some slips-ups, like the day my colleagues decided that we need to have KFC to celebrate one of their birthdays! 
With talks of Big Daddy meals floating about the office I my will was broken so I compromised and ordered three hot wings so I wouldn’t feel left out, but even that was hard once the office was filled with the delicious smell of southern fried chicken and I was left sipping my smoothie which I had forgotten to put in the fridge L

Oh and can I mention that in the two weeks about four people had birthdays which always results in cake!

Results wise I didn’t really have any expectations! I just wanted to see results which I did!

This worked for me with I have to say minimal effort, I think the trick is to plan your meals so you don’t end up rushing and being tempted to have unhealthy connivance food and snacks. 
I personally think I would have benefited from this further, if I was doing more physical activity but I have to do what the doctor says. I am now signed off to start exercising again so I’m planning to continue the diet for another two weeks in order to get closer to my target weight I had results, not the massive ones I would have liked but results none the less.
I would recommend doing this alongside a gym routine and healthy eating plan to gain maximum benefits from this Nutribuddy.

The shake by them self actually enjoyable and I must say that I was able to adopt to the plan with minimal fuss but as a single person living alone it did mean less cooking and shopping for me it would probably be harder if I had to sit across from a partner or a family every day and watch them eat while I sipped a shake.
The hunger fix tablets do help with controlling your appetite (When I remembered to take them)
I only wish I took body measurements before I started the diet .

At the start of the diet I weighed:
13 stone 5 in kg
I now weigh
12 stone 12 in kg

Just over a stone to go for my target weight of 11 stone 5 in kg

Here is the link to the Nutribuddy website if you would like to try it out your self

What are your thoughts on using systems like this to lose weight and have you tried any?

*Disclaimer: I was gifted a Nutribuddy system to test out and write about my results. All  thoughts and opinions are my own honest feeling based on my personal experiences*

How to survive a Lupus flare

I have been thinking about writing this post for some time now and had planned to do more research but I decide to avoid speaking like a doctor and just talk from my own experiences.

The best thing is to avoid having a flair at all now there is nothing you can do to prevent flares happen there are a few things you can do to make them less likely. 

Take medications regularly and carefully and talk to your doctor or pharmacist about which over-the-counter or medication to avoid because they could cause a flare.

Take Care of Yourself
Get plenty of rest, eat well, don't smoke, and exercise—these are keys to being your healthiest self.

 Stress can be a major cause of flares, but having a chronic disease like Lupus is itself stressful! So take time for yourself and be sure to not overdo it at work or around the house.
Stay Out of the Sun
This is hell for me because I’m a summer bunny bit it is crucial. Make Sunblock, hats and sunglasses part of your daily routine and keep your time under the sun brief, and if possible plan outdoor activities for later in the day.

Survival Tips
If you listen to your body over time, you may get to know your own body so well that you'll know what causes a flare and sense when one is coming on. The warning symptoms I get are feeling more tired than usual, weakness in my muscle weakness and pain, and brain fog, I’m sure the symptoms and warning signs are fore every in is I recommend that you take note of how you are feeling for future reference.

If you sense that something is wrong please call your doctor right away. He or she can often help control the seriousness of a flare.

Don’t feel guilty

I had a major flare the week I was due to exchange contracts on my first flat. Ok now looking back buying a house is one of the most stressful things you can do so in high insight I’m not surprised that I had a flare, I literally had to get my dad to drive me to pick up my keys and hobble to the flat. Then it was right back to bed.
This was a devastating anticlimax, especially as I had booked time off work to jump in and make the flat mine and unfortunately I couldn’t do it. But on the bright side the flat is all mine and it isn’t going anywhere...

Get that ME time

 Let it be all about you; every on likes different things when they are sick and one of the things I like is my own company. I can’t be bothered for having conversations or entertaining any one, I just need the following:

My bed /or sofa for a change in scenery

Electric blanket

IPAD –This is very important
Lots of drinking water
Hot bath
Epsom salts
Naughty snacks

if you can’t have junk food when your body is attacking itself then when can you?

      My faves are:
Crackers with jam
Toast with jam or peanut butter
Cheese toasties
Jamme dogers
Or if someone is willing to go and get it for me
Mac Donalds

Get over the guilt
I hate calling in sick from work, it’s always at a time when I have a have a super heavy case load which will get fobbed off on to my colleagues who will obviously love me when I return the office. Or I’ve made an arrangement to meet a friend and now it is the third tie I have cancelled and I’m feeling anxious because I know she will be super pissed with me.

Oh well Life goes on or it won’t if you keep killing yourself to please everyone.

If your friend doesn’t understand then they are obviously not your friend. Work is a different matter, but it is a good idea to speak to your HR department to help you to explain you situation to your collogues

Ride the pain
for many autoimmune diseases, a flare means intense pain. Don’t feel any guilt about relieving it with medication. 
Although many of us have the goal to get off our meds, that takes time, too.       

 For many autoimmune diseases, a flare means intense fatigue. Don’t feel guilty, yes you probably have clothes in the washing machine that need to be hung and the flat looks like a bomb site.
Remember that it is during sleep that your body heals and regenerates. Go to bed early, sleep in late, take naps. Let your body heal

All of those chores will be around when you are feeling better so, take all the rest you need,

Of course I’m not suggesting you sleep in your own filth, why not call in one of those      “if you ever need anything” favours friends and family like to give or  I recently came across a company called Handy who will dispatch cleaners for all your domestic needs (one time I got them to do my ironing). They even have an app.. AN APP

You can read my blog review on

Handy HERE:
And if you would like to try there services


Rest up

I know that sometimes the symptoms of a flare can make sleep difficult. Prop yourself with pillows for greater comfort, and just do your best to rest, any way you can manage it.


Health is a constant balance of nourishment and detoxification, and during a flare, you need support in both areas. Try one of these gentle methods: a dry skin brushing then a detox bath with Epson salts you will feel amazing I promise I have even found that hot Epsom salt baths really help to soothe aching muscles and swollen painful joints

Don’t be afraid to cry
Don’t fight those tears let them out

Remember it’s not forever
Remember that flares are temporary. When you’re in the midst of one, it’s easy to forget. Every flare I had, I feared it wouldn’t stop, even though flares, by design, are temporary all you have to do is ride them out and live to fight another day.

and you are not alone..
You are not alone!! I’m sure you have friends and family around you that support you but at the same time it’s probably hard for them to understand what you are going through and probably don’t know the best way to offer help and support.

Lupus UK offers loads of information and tips to help with coping with Lupus. They even have downloadable fact sheets that you can print off and give to your family and friends. They even have one that you can give to your employer (This one came in handy for me)

They also have a support group in Healthunlocked where everything is up for discussion, medication, depression ect. On occasion I have asked questions and have gotten amazing advice, I also try to help other members out by answering there questions if I can.

A new community I have just found out is called My Lupus Team.  They have an app that you can download to you phone. I have not been on there for long but everyone has been super friendly and supportive.

I have found hundreds of groups on Instagram, Facebook and twitter

I’m not going to list them all but here is a few hashtags you can try:




People put up some of the most amazing and inspirational posts that have defiantly helped me when I have been feeling down or unmotivated.
What’s your best advice for surviving a Lupus flare?

And the winner is......

Firstly I would like to say thank you to everyone that entered my Pink Parcel giveaway

The lucky winner is

Catherine Pearson

So excited to receive a mini pink parcel box! I'm always up for trying brands I haven't used before and love the tote bag to carry tampons and pads in, instead of tucking them in an inside pocket of my bag. Thanks so much!"

Congratulations Catherine your prize is on its way to you.

HulaFit with Blogosphere Magazine

When the opportunity to attend a HulaFit class in London with Blogosphere Magazine came my way I jumped at the chance as I following a lupus flare I had to scale back my activity for fear of causing damage to my joints and muscles and I was getting use to not being active, a fun class like HulaFit was just what I needed to ease myself bac in to some kind of fitness activity.

I had never heard of HulaFit before, but I had heard of people doing hula classes Hula, I have seen hula performers doing their thing in fancy nightclubs and I was also a bit handy with the hoop when I was in primary school, so I was super pumped to try put the class and I can’t lie I thought it would be more of a fun afternoon rather than a full on work out.
Boy was I wrong.
The instructor Anna introduced herself and I had a chat with the other bloggers and the guys from Blogosphere Magazine then it was time for the class to start.
We began with a quick tutorial of how to keep the hoop going around your waist, the tip is to clench your stomach muscles, and if the hoop starts to get two low you whine down low to bring it back up (I was very good at that).
Thankfully all of the attendees were beginners as I can get a bit competitive.
Once we clumsily got the hang of keeping the hoop up we got warmed up and prepared to get our hula on.

Now just because we were dealing with pretty coloured hoops doesn’t mean this was not a serious work out!
The HulaFit class consisted of REAL exercises routines like jumping over the hoops, squats, burpees!
The Hoops were even weighted so you got an extra work out and it made it easier to keep them up.
The atmosphere in the class was amazing!
Everyone was very encouraging and having a great time plus Anna’s music playlist was and energetic mix of old and new sexy tracks.
No doing to lie more than once I had to stop to catch my breath  and have some water but looking at Anna’s amazing figure left me determined to finish (IWOOT her figure)

As a class we learned a short routine on a smaller lighter hula-hoop which was then followed by a cool-down and stretch.
After the class I was drenched in sweat and actually felt like all my muscles were given a through work out, there was some an influence from her Personal trainer husband, Rowan.

I would definably like to do this class on a regular basis but unfortunately there aren’t any classes near me (I commuted from SE London to north London to attend this class) however HulaFit are always looking for instructors in different areas so …. (Fingers crossed)

To find your nearest HulaFit class Click Here
Thanks to HulaFit and Blogosphere Magazine for having me
Oh and photos from the class will be in the issue so Blogosphere Magazine so you can check out how much fun we had.