DinkiBelle Nail Wraps Review

While attending Bloggers Hangout over the weekend I was introduced to the wonderful world of DinkiBelle Nail Wraps.

The DinkiBelle range of nail wraps is full of super sassy designs which  unlike other nail products are kind to the nails. The entire collection is based on a ‘five free’ philosophy, meaning all wraps are free from formaldehyde, diabutyl phthalate, toluene, camphor and formaldehyde resin.
The inspiration for the five free’ philosophy Nadia Theron, Founder of DinkiBelle who found that she could no longer wear regular nail polishes after she suffered from severe nail damage and an allergic reaction to some of the chemicals in nail polish.
After years of searching in vain for something that was fashionable, affordable, and protected her nails from daily wear and tear, that didn’t use unnecessary chemicals and damage the nails Nadia decided to take thinks in to her own hands because if she was having this problem other women are probably having then bish bash bosh! DinkiBelle was born.
20 Great designs to suit every occasion without all that nasty toxic stuff.

I had been aware of nail wraps and the amazing designs they come in but I thought that they need to be applied by a nail professional or at least with a steadier hand than me however I was assured by Nadia that they were super simple to apply so decided to give them a try in  Marble.
And I am glad I did.

Clean and buff your nails.
Select the size to suit your nail & remove the clear cover.
Lift the wrap using the silver tab.
Apply to the nail & smooth out wrinkles.
Wrap around the nail and file off excess in a downward motion
Optional:  Apply gel or gel effect top coat
Remove using nail polish remover or gently peel off.

Apart from some initial difficulty because I didn’t remove the plastic form the top of the wrap (Silly Lee-Anne) 
DinkiBelle Nail Wraps were super easy to apply.
Pre-cut into 10 different sizes I found I had to rim some of the wraps slightly as I have thin nail beds but it wasn’t too difficult.
All it took was a little bit of patience and concentration and I was off to work with Marble nails. 
To be on the safe side put a coat of clear nail polish over the top of the DinkiBelle Nail Wraps though the instructions said I didn’t need to as I have my hands in water a lot.
Are meant to last up to 14 days but my normal nail varnish doesn’t last that long because I am very hard on my nails.
If my wraps last till the weekend I will be a happy

Each pack contains 20 DinkiBelle Nail Wraps and costs £6.99.

To find out more about DinkiBelle and browse the range, visit the website: www.dinkibelle.co.uk

Bloggers Hangout- The Bloggers Summer Hangout Event Review

My years have flown by!

It feels like only yesterday I attended my 1st Bloggers Hangout event well if I remember correctly it was also their first event, back in 2013 when they went by the name Bloggers Love and most of their events were held at Penthouse nightclub in central London.

I have always happy to attend Bloggers Hangout event because they are a great to network with both brands and other bloggers.

To celebrate their third birthday Bloggers Hangout hosted the Bloggers Summer Hangout at the Strand Gallery over three days (Three days three years get it?)

Unfortunately my schedule only permitted me to come down on the final day but I am more than glad I did.

Pride was also on the same day so the streets were buzzing with excitement and rainbow coloured banners and flags.

I have no idea what the British weather had in mind there was rain and thunder but yet humid and warm.

Not to worry Cocktail Mania were on hand with refreshing slushy drinks.

On the invitation there seemed to be more brands on the other days which were weekdays but the offering was still great

Sass and Bell

I was not familiar with this brand but I fell in love with their wonderfully kitsch offerings. As a recent home owner I initially planned to be grown up and sophisticated but if I’m honest I’m still a kid at heart, I love pink and fun girls things and I’m not ashamed of it.

Hell sometimes your décor calls for a light up cactus or a novelty pineapple.

I will defiantly be purchasing items from Sass and Bell in the future.


Ok now I swear down I’m not lying..

On route to the event health freak Celetia actually said “I hope there is a tea company at this event”

Hand on my heart!

So when I saw T-tox I had to laugh.

T-tox is a Matcha powder green tea mixed with healthy goodness (Right up Celetia’s ally) I tried the energise tea which was mixed with water which was actually quite pleasant and really refreshing. Defiantly something I can add to my morning smoothie to give me a little pep in my step.

Dinki Belle Nail Wraps
The words everything happens for a reason came into my mind when I introduced myself to Dinki Bell because my nails looked JANK!

Even though I only recently had a manicure typing and my daily vice of soaking my aching muscles in a hot bath at the end of the day means that my nail varnish rarely lasts as long as it should.
And I’m also super impatient and fidgety which often results in my nail varnish getting smudged before it has a chance to dry properly.
But it is looking like Dinki Belle Nail Wraps could be my savour, I have been aware of nail wraps for a while now but never got around to trying them out, Dinki Belle has so many lovely designs. I chose the Marble effect nails wraps which to give my nails a luxe vibe. Each pack comes with 20 nail wraps and lasts up to 14 days hopefully even I can’t mess them up!

Pink Parcel

I was actually introduced to Pink Parcel last year at another Bloggers Hang Out event and reviewed them for my blog

And since then ever month I curse myself for never getting around to setting up a subscription with them.

After a talk about the brand

Pink Parcel put us to work building out own mini Pink Parcel boxes selecting from a range of products to make the perfect box.
With some many great products on offer I was defiantly spoilt for choice.

My Pink Parcel box incl
uded the following items:

     Bourjois Dark Kohl Mascara

Opi Nail Lacquer in Lets do anything we want

English Tea Shop Cranberry Vanilla Delight Tea

Jelly Ping Pong Cosmetics Super Charged Eye Shadow Duo

Jealous sweets made exclusively for Pink Parcel

A drawstring bag containing some tampons

The Mini pink parcel box also came with a Tote bags (You can always use a tote bag right?)


Oh and the lovely guys at Pink Parcel also let me build a box for a lucky reader!!

To win all you have to do is  like my Wots Her Name Again? and Pink Parcels Facebook pages and leave a comment below to register your interest

The winner will be picked at random on Wednesday 6th July 2016




This give a way is for my curly girls

I am giving away an ORS Curls unleashed get the look flat twist style pack.
The Style pack includes everything you need to ‘Get The Look’.

This kit includes:
Styling Information Card, Curl Boosting Jelly (1.75oz), Curl Defining Crème (1.75oz), Leave-In Conditioner (1.75oz)

Curl Boosting Jelly
Curls Unleashed™ Set it Off™ Curl Boosting Jelly is made with soothing aloe vera, wheat protein, vitamin B and other ingredients to help give you gorgeous, “crunchless” curl definition.
• Defines curls without the crunch
• Helps eliminate frizz
• Provides all day hold
This product helps eliminate frizz without making your hair feel hard or crunchy. Great for all types of hair. This product is free of SD alcohol, parabens & mineral oil. Packaging is BPA free and recyclable.

Curl Defining Crème
Curls Unleashed™ Take Command™ Curl Defining Crème helps shine, define and moisturize your curls without shrinkage. This product is great for twists, twist outs, coiling, freestyles and updos.
• Moisturizes
• Defines Curls
• Anti-Shrinkage
• No Flaking
This product does not flake and stretches your curls. The Take Command Curl Defining Crème also does not contain petrolatum, mineral oil, SD alcohol, or parabens. Packaging is BPA free and recyclable.

Leave-In Conditioner
With Vitamin E, moisturizing Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil, No Boundaries Leave-In Conditioner moisturizes, detangles, defines and conditions your curls.
• Softens & Defines Curls
• Detangles
• Conditions

This product is great to use with Curls Unleashed™ Let it Flow™ Shine & Define Mousse

Sounds great right?

Blush +Blow London Review

Last week I was delighted to be invited to a new blow dry bar –Blush & Blow– in Fulham, London and I am excited to tell you all about it.
I made my way up to Parsons Green in Fulham My first time in Parsons Green I might add) to check out the new Blush + Blow beauty bar.

Just five minutes from Parsons Green station I entered Blush and Blow just missing getting drenched by rain by the skin of my teeth. And was welcomed by the staff and offered a cup of tea and given a quick tour of the salon.
I simply loved the quaint décor of the salon with its muted greys and greens with the contrasting gold fixtures.
Down the right hand side of the front area is the blow dry bar – big mirrors, comfy seats and a long work station.  

While on the left is the waiting area; the till/reception and then a manicure stations. 

There is even a a children’s play area which folds away when not in use while at the back is the the most gorgeous pedicure stations

Blush & Blow, founded by makeup artist, beauty journalist and entrepreneur, Bridget O’Keefe, Blush and Blow fuses luxury and expertly delivered affordable treatments under one roof.

As my hair is currently in braids I was unable to try out the famous blow drys so I opted to have a manicure and pedicure.
I have to say there is something deliciously opulent about soaking ones feet in gold basins; I need to find out about having one of those in my flat.

I sipped my tea while being pampered and resisted the urge to ruin my pedicure picking up the adorable cocker spaniel that was roaming around (Whenever I see cute small dogs I want to pick them up I can’t help it .. well in this case I had to.)

The atmosphere in Blush and Blow was tranquil and relaxing, exactly what I needed on a rainy afternoon. 

Blush + Blow 
197 New Kings Road, Fulham, SW6 4SR 
 0207 7360430 

@ScarlettLEvents #Bloggersball Review

Happy Monday all

I had intended for this post to go up yesterday (Sunday)

But I can’t lie I was dead so a duvet day was a must especially because the new season of Orange is the New Black was on Netflix

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending The Bloggers Ball hosted by Scarlett London at the Dstrk nightclub in London.
I had been looking forward to this event for some time and Judging by the #bloggersball hastag on twitter I wasn’t the only one.

So what is the bloggers ball then?

The bloggers ball is a networking event which gives bloggers and brands the opportunity to meet and have fun and of course learns about and gifted some of the new products.
I got to the event a bit late due to missing my train but I have to admit I did initially find it over whelming as there was soo many people there but I quickly got in to the swing of things chatting to the brands as well as other bloggers some of whom I had been communicating with over twitter and some I had previously met at the bloggers festival last year.

Brands at the event included so with Attitude- if you are not familiar with this brand I don’t know what to tell you because I’m sure every teenage girl’s first perfume was from their range. It was nice to go down memory lane thinking about my teenage years with them I and they gave me a goody bag full of their wonderful scents to try out!
 My favorites being the ‘So Eternal’ fragrance.
You can find them on Instagram and Twitter @sowithattitude and at their website www.sowithattitude.com

Next up was Bravura London. I have heard great things from other beauty addicts and MUAs about the brand so I am very eager to try it.
I had a chat with the MD during which explained to her that my skin peeve was that I have super oily skin so she recommended some products for me to try and gifted them to me!

Reviews to come in the meantime if you can check out Bravura London at  www.bravuralondon.com and find them on social media @bravuralondon.

Lipivir were also on hand giving out goodie bags and also lipsticks from Revlon you can find them at @lipivir or at http://www.lipivir.com

Beauty UK were offering free gel nails but the line was way too long I did get to have a lovely chat with the girls on the stand won of whom I had previously met at Pro beauty – I was also gifted some Orly FX and Bluesky polishes and a Mylee nail file! Be sure to check out Beauty UK for all your professional nail care needs @justbeautyUK or on their website www.justbeauty.co.ukimg_6263

I had been stalking Vatika Naturals on twitter as soon as I realised that they were coming to the event as I had seen several beauty bloggers talking about their products and I was determined to talk to them about their natural products for hair and skin to find out what would be best for my super dry hair.

The lady at the stand recommended I try out the Black Seed Enriched Hair Oil and the Black Seed Hair Mask and gifted me the product so I will be trying them out as soon as I take out my braids
Find Vatika Naturals on social media @Vatikauk or at www.vatikanaturals.co.uk they are also sold in Superdrug!

I was super anxious to meet up with ExuvianceUK but unfortunately as I received an exfoliator from them at some point last year that was absolutely amazing but I could not remember what it was called. Unfortunately by the time I got to to the stand everything was gone 
You can check them out at http://exuviance.co.uk/ or via their social media  @ExuvianceUK

Jewellery box were also on hand giving out beautifully packaged gift boxes @jewelleryboxuk

Product review to some and I will also be hosting a give way on by blog soon.

Check out the lovely @scarlettlondon and follow the hashtags #bloggersball on all social media, to see more great pictures of the event.

If you would like to attend on of Scarlett London’s blogger events I believe the next one coming up is the Bloggers Festival which is to be held in London and the lovely Conrad St James Hotel on Saturday 3rd September 2016. I will defiantly be there

If you would like to book tickets then you can do so here or you could contact Scarlett London via her social media handles @scarlettLevents or via her webpage www.scarlettlondon.com/sl-events

Oh yeah Thanks to Toad diaries for my customer diary I love it!!

You can check out my Toad Diary review