31 March 2014

Mineral Mud Therapy by La Cure Blend Review

I love a good face mask.
As my skin is quite greasy and I wear make up most day I have found facial masks to be my best friend.
I also find that wearing face masks therapeutic as they force me to stay in one place and be quiet for a period of time.
When I was sent a sample of the Mineral Mud Therapy mask I was super excited to try it as I eraly enjoyed testing the La Cure UK Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts.
Described on the La Cure Website as:
“La Cure blend Natural Dead Sea Mud rich in minerals with Sweet Almond Oil and Honey to create a Mineral Mud Therapy which removes impurities and invigorates the skin for a refreshed, youthful glow. Dead Sea Mud has been found to be effective in relieving the symptoms of skin ailments such as psoriasis, eczema and acne, in some people.”
This is very similar to a mud that my mother brought me back from  Sulfur Springs in St Lucia which smelt disgusting but was really effective.
Mineral Mud Therapy is quite thick in consistency and doesn’t have a particularly noticeable smell.
I applied a thin layer to my face which dried quite quickly but it wasn’t stiff and crumbly like some other mud masks.
I left the mask on my face for around 1-15 minutes then rinsed it off with warm water and moisturized
I did notice that my skin felt very smooth after using the mask.
I don’t break out often however I did have a few spots which cleared up since using the mask.

What’s your favorite facial mask?

29 March 2014

Be:Fit London Event Review

With my recent interest in my health and we'll being I was super excited to come down to Befit London which has just recently changed from being called the Vitality show.
I attended the Vitality show last year and enjoyed myself so I was very excited.
Be:Fit London basically gets health and fitness experts, brands ect in one place which is great because I have lots of questions to ask over the free days there is a line up of seminars hosted by Health and beauty experts as well as fitness classes hosted In the Reebok fitness studio.
I turned up not so bright and early in my fitness gear (ok I was trying to be cute in my wedge trainers but I'm going to be serious when I come back on Sunday).
Since the name change it seem that Befit London is lot more serious about fitness than the Vitality show was. 

Nuffield Health had have a stand where you can come and have a fitness check up 
Which was so popular all of the appointments were taken by the time I got there :( 
And there was lots of health food companies offering up guilt free yummy treats.

There wasn't so many cosmetic company's but oh well. 
I had come down with the intention of not spending any money but of course I did
However I can justify my purchases dammit 

Harpers Bazaar Subscription 
I have been wanting to take out a subscription and I got a free massage, just what I needed after all the walking up and down and hello I live a very stressful life so I deserve it lol!

Women's Health 
subscription which came with a Dermalogica gift set 

Your buds iPod nano arm band 
I've wanted one of these for the gym for ages!
I actually wasn't too bad today spending wise but I will be leaving my purse at home when I go back on Sunday. 

Overall I had a good day however I was hoping to learn more about nutrition and how to prepare foods myself instead of purchasing prepackaged foods however this could have been touched on in in seminar as I only went to the Q&A session with Newby Hands the Health and Beauty Editor of Harpers Bazaar which was quite good.

Did you go down to Be:fit London? 


27 March 2014

Bloggers Fashion Week: Monday - Event Review

Always excited to come down to London for Bloggers Love events and with this is the first of three events for Bloggers fashion week.

The top two floors of the Penthouse Nightclub in Lester squares London were made was an Aladdin cave of fashion and beauty goodies and picked with immaculately dressed fashion bloggers.

Guests were treated to the super tasty cupcakes and 

bloggertini's Yum!
As well as being able to purchase garments the items on display guest were encouraged to bring out some garment to swish on the night courtesy of Swap In The City 

There was also a fashion show showcasing pieces from a variety of designers that were featured during Bloggers Fashion Week also High Street brand Reiss 
I have a really lovely evening and was disappointed that I was unable I attend the other two Bloggers Love FashionWeek events but I was unable due to prior commitments. 
Did any other bloggers go? How did you find it?


19 March 2014

I Got's Me Some New hair

You may have seen from my twitter and Instagram that the big hair has gone!

I decided to give my hair a break from the everyday combing and brushing plus I get a few minutes extra to sleep in the mornings
I went for a synthetic hair with a loose wave (I forget the name of the brand soz) but it was cheap hair (About £3.49) a bag and I used four bags.

Believe it or not I actually braided it all myself as my joints weren’t feeling to bad and I have been suffering from insomnia since I have been prescribed steroids so I figured !
since I’m going to be up any why not just braid my hair”

I have always enjoyed wearing my hair in braids because of the variety of styles available the only thing I hate is when its time to take them out but we shall cross that bridge when we come to it.

I am intending to keep these braids in for roughly 2-3 months and while they are in the braids I moisturise my scalp with Jamaican Black Caster Oil and I use African pride Braid spray
Every two weeks I wash and deep condition the braids paying attention to the scalp

What are your favorite braided styles and how do you maintain them?

18 March 2014

Ideal Home Show

I always enjoyed going down to the ideal home show to get some decorating ideas, learn about some new gadgets and of course indulge in a bit of retail therapy and today defiantly a fun day out and a work out in one.
I had intended not to spend any money but ended up treating myself to some Perfect Black Leggings 
Why are they perfect? Made from quality cotton which is dense on colour the Perfect Black Leggings should not sag or go see through (I hate when I can see a girls knickers throughout her leggings) and they are cut so that they flatters all shapes and help to pull in your jiggly bits. 
and a mini dress 
from Venus Cow (I figured I lost a stone it's time to start getting my sexy back)
I also had a lovely chat with the company's inspirational founder Shirly Yanez (pictured) who is also a life coach, phalantriphisyt and an Author and she gave me a copy of her book Help Work Yourself Out
I also coped a box of green tea from Teapigs because I had been meaning to buy some for ages.
Check out my pics from the day.

Bye bye Ideal Home Show

17 March 2014

The Magic Bullet Review

I previously mentioned this product in my Bloggers Love...Beauty Bar Event 
Review however I wanted to use it for a while to work out exactly how I felt about it before writing a review. 
I love The Makeup Bullet!!!
 The Makeup Bullet is a foam applicator which fits on your finger, it can be used wet or dry for liquids, creams and powders.
 My favourite part is the bullet shaped point which is great for difficult areas such as the corners of your eyes. 
Incredibly simple to use and multi-task as you can hold other brushes or bottles as the Makeup Bullet sits on the end of your finger and super easy to clean. 
The Makeup Bullet costs £11.99 for a single pack and £22.99 for a triple pack 
(Defiantly worth it!)
and can be purchased 

Have you tried The Makeup Bullet
What are your thoughts?
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