21 November 2013

Isabel Marant H&M collaboration Shopping Event Review

Sometimes you really have to see something to believe it.

I had been waiting for weeks to attend the Isabel Marant for H&M event.

I arrived Silver ticket in hand ready to treat myself and all see what the big deal was.
I was aware that people had already selling some of the pieces on eBay before the collection was launched for three times what it it was worth!

So again I wanted to see what the big deal was.
I had looked one the website to get a look at the collection beforehand and saw a few pieces that I liked but probably shouldn’t buy with Christmas right around the corner.

Upon arrival I managed to make friends with some well-dressed ladies who seemed to have some clout because after declaring to them that I was with their crew as soon as the doors were open we were swept inside. No queuing
Thanks Ladies!

Inside was pandemonium that it took 

me a few minutes to get my baring’s and by then everything was sold out lol!

I was a bit disapointed but the drinks and treats on offer helped to cheer me up 

As did the goodie bags which contained lovely silk scarves 

Not gonna apologise for this review being a week late because it is super cold and when it is cold I go straight to bed after work lol!


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