26 November 2013

I enrolled at the School Of Grazia to learn 'How To Succeed In A Male Dominated Business' Talk

Yesterday evening I excitedly arrived with my pen pad and of course IPad to “Enrol at the school of Grazia”

The very impressive De Vere Venues Altitude, Millbank Tower played host to the How To Succeed In A Male Dominated 

Business talk which included several inspirational women who are al doing well in their chosen fields such as
Cilla Snowball. Niamh Corbett. Helen Skelton and Poppy Allonby.
Even though I directly work with mostly women all the decision makers in the company I work for are men so I figured that this talk would be good for me.
After the discussions we were then able to asked questions to the panel (Not going to tell you what I asked)
It was nice networking with the many professional women that were there and we even exchanged business cards and promised to provide each other with a support system.
Can’t wait for the next event Grazia

22 November 2013

Bloggers...love Make overs and Susie Bubble talks about New Wave Italian Fashion in the House of Peroni

Thursday had never been my fave dry of the week but it was nice to have not one but two events to look forward too.

First stop was Penthouse for Bloggers... Love

where I was lucky enough to get my nails and make up done 

and grabbed a beautful looking cupcake 

before they all disappeared.

I always have a great time at Bloggers ....love events and meet many talented bloggers however today I was In a hurry to get to my next event.
I did get to have a look at some of the amazing jewellery by Adourable.com  (

(I didn’t get to take any pics but the girls at Bloggers..Love promised to send me some) and was given a goodie bag on my way out.

I arrived at the House of Peroni just in time to catch a talk hosted by fashion blogger Susie Bubble about New Wave Italian Fashion with award winning accessories designer Simone Rainer and women’s wear designer Arthur Arbesser.

I found the talk which highlighted of the difficulties faced by upcoming Italian designer in the old Italian market which is very formal and traditional and how they are having to branch out
Italian fashion industry, perceptions, trends and designers to watch. Susie will be discussing the challenges young designers face in Italy,

And they compare the Italian fashion scene is compared to other markets and what changes can be made to support new talent
Dispite missing the beginning of the talk I found it interesting as I hadn't considered how hard or would be I a market with such fashion history, a point was made about London and New York being cultural melting out which makes are quick to embrace new innovative trends and ideas which I think is defiantly true

I must add if you have not been to the House of Peroni take yourself up there!
Every day they are doing different interesting events such as fashion talks, movies and even mixology classes


21 November 2013

Helmsley London Review

Don’t you just hate it when you want to quickly check something on your Ipad and then you have to go through all the polava of rooting through your bag or knapsack?

Well I do lol!

During London Fashion week I ran into Helmsley London and fell in love with their range of bags which are specially adapted for you to comfortably use your Ipad

I was initially drawn by the fun bold colours and funky yet chic shapes then after having a little fiddle I noticed the secret trap doors which reveal the Ipad 

and will allow me to happily take selfies.
What do you guys think?

Isabel Marant H&M collaboration Shopping Event Review

Sometimes you really have to see something to believe it.

I had been waiting for weeks to attend the Isabel Marant for H&M event.

I arrived Silver ticket in hand ready to treat myself and all see what the big deal was.
I was aware that people had already selling some of the pieces on eBay before the collection was launched for three times what it it was worth!

So again I wanted to see what the big deal was.
I had looked one the website to get a look at the collection beforehand and saw a few pieces that I liked but probably shouldn’t buy with Christmas right around the corner.

Upon arrival I managed to make friends with some well-dressed ladies who seemed to have some clout because after declaring to them that I was with their crew as soon as the doors were open we were swept inside. No queuing
Thanks Ladies!

Inside was pandemonium that it took 

me a few minutes to get my baring’s and by then everything was sold out lol!

I was a bit disapointed but the drinks and treats on offer helped to cheer me up 

As did the goodie bags which contained lovely silk scarves 

Not gonna apologise for this review being a week late because it is super cold and when it is cold I go straight to bed after work lol!


15 November 2013

And we have a winner!

Firstly I would like to thank all of the people that entered  my Net-a-porter Glossybox prize draw.

I am happy to announce the winner is 

"Wow thanks! I have entered so many competitions on-line and I have never won one until now so I am very happy! I will be putting the Net-a-porter Glossybox to good use making myself feel fabulous!"

Congratulations Nicole
I will be popping up your prize 

in the post to you over the weekend 

And for those that didnt win...

There is still time to enter my Wots Her Name Again? Birthday Giveaway 

which ends on the 27th November 


8 November 2013

Glossybox for Net-A-Porter review

As I was home dying with the flu I managed to see the
I must say that I was intrigued by the news that Net-A-Porter would be teaming up with forces Glossybox to create an exclusive box packed with six gorgeous trial sized products.

And despite being on my death bed with the flu (Exaggerating .. me? Noooo)
As soon as the email came out saying that they were available for purchase I was right in there (Thank god or Ipads)

But I instead of sending it to my house for a sick leave pick me up I sent it to my office (Bah)

Anyway I’m back to work stronger than ever and I have my Glossybox for Net-a-porter box

What’s in it you ask?

Firstly let me tell you about the packaging

The cutesy pink Glossybox colours have been replaced with Chic black and white a la Net-A-Porter. The products are in clear plastic bags the product info card feels more expensive

Way to go guys!

On to the products

In this box there are 6 products and two of them are full sized

Joya's Âmes Sœurs Roll-On Parfum 
(1.5ml/0.05 fl.oz.) this is a nice perfume but I’m not a fan of the roll on application .. sometimes you just wanna spray

Natura Bissé's Diamond White SPF 50+++ Oil-Free Brilliant Sun Protection 
(10ml/0.34 oz.) This cream smells nice and has a nice constancy but I’m going to put it down till summer.

Elizabeth Arden's PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Daily Serum
(5ml/0.17 oz.) I’ve never been much interested in anti-aging products but this one seems to be really popular as I have seen it pop up in a number of blogs

Ellis Faas' Mascara 
E401 –Black 
Can you ever have two much mascaras? This one seems to be quite good quality and you don’t need to use too much of it. I especially like the stylish packaging

Philip B's Maui Wowie Beach Mist 
(150ml/5.07 fl.oz.) 
Not sure how this product will work on my afro hair but I’m going to try it out soon. It’s in a very chis bottle and is smells amazing and isn’t too sticky.

Ila's Bath Salts for Inner Peace 
(50g/1.8 oz.) 
I wish I had this while I was off sick! I cannot explain how good it smells! I will be using this tonight!!!

The only thing I’m disappointed about is that everyone has the same thing. One of the reasons I was so excited about when waiting for my Glossybox is getting surprised when I open it.

Having some high end products to play with is nice though.

Numbers of the Glossybox for Net-a-porter box are limited so if you want one I suggest you get in there quick.

Alternatively you can enter my prize draw to win one
Don’t you just love freebees??

Did anyone else get the Glossybox for net-a-porter box?
What did you think?


7 November 2013

I’m super thanks for asking ....

I’m super thanks for asking

First day back in the office since being struck down with the dreaded flu

Done know what I would have done without Candy Crush (Even though I kept losing) Instagram 

(Still waiting on my Damn milkshake thanks peeps)
And Facebook.

Super bugged that I missed a load of press days, the Fashions Finest Awards and the Grazia bloggers seminar that I really wanted to attend but can’t cry over spilt mile.

One good thing is I managed to lose half a stone due (nearly at the birthday weight) and as I have only been drinking water my skin is looking kind of good.

There is only so many TV programmes I can sleep through so I was happy to get back to work.

Last Friday in my flu ridden haze I forgot to take home the selection of birthday  dresses that I purchased from ASOS doh!

I also had some other goodies delivered to my office so it was nice to come back to packages full of goodies for me
I was also please that my invite for the Isabella Marrant and H&M event finally came.

And last but not least my Net-a-porter Glossybox arrived today.
Woop woop

Review to come .. I also decided to purchase two and give one away in a prize draw on my blog
Wot you guys think?

Oh yeah and if you haven’t already make sure and enter my birthday competition!!!!

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